Results of consultation for submitters

This year we are taking a different approach to providing feedback on submissions and decision-making. Instead of providing a personalised letters focussed on the points raised in your submission, we are providing access to all Council decision-making relating to the Annual Plan.

This is partly in response to changes in legal requirements for providing feedback to submitters.  However the Council is also keen to provide open access to decisions on all topics considered.

The information provided summarises the results of consultation on the items included in our consultation document. It also explains how we process and consider submissions, by breaking down and grouping submissions into individual topics.  The document also contains a summary of the decisions  and responses on topics raised that were not part of the Council’s consultation document.We have provided a submission ID number for submitters which will allow you to search for the topics assigned to your submission.

Thank you for your input and participation in this process. We could not do this work without participation and feedback from the community.