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Dunedin City Council – Kaunihera-a-rohe o Otepoti
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Flagstaff Possum Control

This covers over 2,130 hectares, including Swampy Ridge, Pineapple Track, Flagstaff and Nicols Falls. No 1080 will be used but due to the use of toxin, dog owners should keep their dogs on lead in the area until further notice. It is likely this will be until at least mid 2020.

A combination of trapping, Feratox and brodifacoum is being used. These toxins pose an extremely low secondary poisoning risk to pets. Bait will be in bait stations or bags, placed no lower than head height where possible and there will be no toxins or traps within 30m or in sight of tracks.

A map of the operation area and affected tracks.

Ground possum control methods will be repeated in the Flagstaff area over the next two years, with future methods to be decided.

The goal is to eradicate TB but the reduction in possum and rat numbers will also have benefits for native wildlife. The operation will help to achieve Predator Free Dunedin’s aims to achieve predator free status over 31,000 hectares in the city. The DCC and OSPRI are among 20 organisations in the Predator Free Dunedin partnership.

For more information about the operation please visit the OSPRI website (link to external website, new window).

To find out more about Predator Free Dunedin visit Predator Free Dunedin website (link to external website, new window).

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