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4.5 Council controlled organisations | He ohu nā te Kaunihera

In order to achieve key strategic objectives for Dunedin, the Council maintains a number of Council Controlled Organisations (CCOs). These CCOs manage facilities, assets and/or deliver significant services on behalf of the Council and the wider Dunedin community. There are three kinds of CCOs – Council Controlled Trading Organisations (CCTOs); not-for-profit CCOs; and non-trading CCOs. Each of the trading CCOs prepares a “Statement of Intent” which sets out its mission, objectives and performance targets for each financial year.

The following diagram illustrates the current structure and ownership of the CCOs.

Current structure and ownership of the CCOs

Note: Two CCOs have been renamed. As of 15 December 2016, Dunedin Venues Limited is known as Dunedin Stadium Property Limited and as of 1 December 2017 Taieri Gorge Railway Limited is known as Dunedin Railways Limited

Dunedin City Holdings Limited and subsidiaries

Dunedin City Holdings Limited (DCHL) is the parent company of many of the Council Controlled Trading Organisations, and has the primary role of monitoring the operating performance of its subsidiary and associated companies to ensure each company provides the maximum advantages in all respects to the Council.

The Statement of Intent for DCHL identifies specific objectives and performance targets for 2018/19.

The following table sets out the key financial targets for DCHL.


Interest and dividends provided to DCC


$ 5.9 million


$ 5.9 million


$ 5.9 million

Each of DCHL’s subsidiary companies prepares a Statement of Intent, which is considered by DCHL, which then makes recommendations for acceptance by the Council. It should be noted that each CCTO has financial, social, and environmental performance measures.

The following table lists DCHL’s subsidiary and associated companies and outlines their main activities.

Nature and scope of activities


Key performance measures*

Aurora Energy Limited

The company undertakes activities related to the development and ownership of electricity distribution assets and other infrastructural assets

To operate as a successful business having regard, among other things, to the desirability of ensuring the efficient use of energy.

To maximise the utilisation of electricity distribution assets while ensuring that service quality meets the needs of users.

To deliver electricity supplies to consumers on the Aurora network of a reliability standard that meets the service level targets in the company’s 2017-2027 Asset Management Plan.

Engage with the Shareholder annually on opportunities for the Company to contribute, or assist where possible, with Council’s community outcomes (as listed in the Annual Plan) and the Ministers’ expectations.

City Forests Limited

The company forests are principally located in the Coastal Otago Region while the products produced from its activities are sold on local and international markets. The company's activities include expansion of opportunities in forest ownership and activities across the value chain.

Managing the forest estate in a sustainable way so that the long term productive capacity of the estate is maintained or enhanced, protecting and enhancing environmental values including water quality, flora and fauna, supporting appropriate recreational activities within the estate and supporting local wood processing industries.

The Company will achieve a 6% return (or greater) on Shareholders’ funds measured on a post-tax 3 year rolling average basis.

The Company will realise financial opportunities from the sales of carbon stored in the Company forests in compliance with its Carbon Policy.

The company will meet its annual supply commitment to domestic customers taking into account any mutually agreed variations.

Opportunities for expanding the Company’s scale will continue to be investigated including joint ventures. The company will report annually on the hectares of land acquired / divested including joint ventures.

Delta Utility Services Limited

The company's principal activities are the management, construction, operation and maintenance of infrastructural utility assets and the provision of contracting and related services.

To achieve the objective of its shareholder, both commercial and non-commercial, as specified in the statement of intent; and be a good employer (as per clause 36 of Schedule 7 LGA); and exhibit a sense of social and environmental responsibility by having regard to the interests of the community in which it operates and by endeavouring to accommodate or encourage these when able to do so;  and conduct its affairs in accordance with sound business practice

To target a long term after tax return to Shareholders on their investment in the Company of 6% and to maximise the long term sustainable financial return to Shareholders.

Bring to the attention of the Shareholder any strategic or operational matters where there may be conflict between the Council’s community outcomes and/or the Ministers’ expectations and those of the Company and seek the Shareholder’s view on these.

Dunedin City Treasury Limited

The company provides the Dunedin City Council Group with treasury management services.  The company identifies and manages financial risks and manages the liquidity of the Dunedin City Council Group to ensure that adequate funds are available to meet ongoing obligations.  Financing costs are minimised and the return on surplus funds is maximised within acceptable levels of risk.

Providing funds management, cost effective funding and treasury management services to entities within the Dunedin City Council Group.

Maintain the Company's economic sustainability through the mitigation of business risk.

Manage the liquidity risk of the DCC Group and ensure the availability of sufficient funds to meet the financial commitments in a timely manner.

Securely invest surplus cash available from within the DCC Group.

Manage interest rate risk for the DCC Group and provide appropriate customer service.

Manage special purpose funds such as the 'Waipori Fund' for the DCC.

Dunedin International Airport Limited

The company operates the Dunedin International Airport for aviation users. The company is responsible for the design, provision and maintenance of runways, taxiways, turnouts and aprons, and for managing assets which may be used in the future, e.g., land held for airport expansion and environmental control purposes.

To make safety and security a priority.

To be environmentally responsible.

To optimise commercial return to our shareholders.

Increase passenger numbers.

To develop and strengthen our partnerships.

To provide the best customer service experience.

Maintaining operations, high quality standards of service and certifications.

Implementing initiatives to improve performance of aeronautical and non-aeronautical activities and achieve increased revenues.

Produce quarterly reports from continuous customer satisfaction surveys.

No delays to regular scheduled passenger operations.

Dunedin Stadium Property Limited

The principal activity of the Company is to provide a fit for purpose stadium for use for public and private events.

Ensure assets are maintained at an operational level and reduce Company’s debt.

Asset maintenance compliant with asset management timetable and debt is reduced over time.

Dunedin Railways Limited (Formerly Taieri Gorge Railway Ltd)

The company operates train services as a tourist, charter and community oriented enterprise. The company also operates a retail and booking office based at the Dunedin Railway Station.

To safely and viably provide outstanding visitor experience with a focus on railways.

To diversify and grow our business by seeking new visitor experience and rail opportunities.

Carry at least 80,000 passengers on no fewer than 700 trips per annum.

Monitor Trip Advisor to ensure customer satisfaction levels of 85% or better.

No recorded significant delays to regular scheduled passenger operations.

Domestic and international income earned maintained or grows per annum.

Dunedin Venues Management Limited (DVML)

The company manages the Forsyth Barr Stadium, the Dunedin Centre (incorporating the Dunedin Town Hall) and the Porters Lounge (at the Dunedin Railway Station). The company’s activities include: securing events; planning, hosting and delivering events to a high standard; managing the assets and facilities for which it is responsible; and providing community access to the venues for which it is responsible.

DVML will contribute to the growth and vitality of Dunedin City by driving strong and sustainable business performance, building a reputation for innovation and excellence in venue management and demonstrating our commitment to the delivery of outstanding event experiences at every turn.

Achieve budget results and a 15:1 return on investment of the Event Attraction Fund.

Work with suppliers for improved contribution to DVML’s financial performance and reputation for service excellence.

Increasing the number and value of hire days in DVML’s venues.

Conduct a confidential staff survey, achieve 80% satisfaction and improvements/recommendations are implemented.

Achieve a minimum of $5m visitor spend per each major event (>10,000 pax) for DVML and Dunedin City.

Achieve minimum 80% satisfaction rating through surveys of all major events (>10,000 pax).

60% of attendees of all major events (>10,000 pax) to come from outside of Dunedin City.

* the key performance measures are from the 2017/18 Statement of Intent for each company and are reviewed annually.

Council Controlled Organisations (not for profit)

Not-for-profit organisations are also considered Council Controlled Organisations if the Council and other local authorities have the power to appoint 50% of the trustees to the Board.

Small organisations

Dunedin (New Zealand) Masters Games Trust

On 10 August 2011, the Council granted an exemption under section 7 of the Local Government Act 2002 after consideration of the size of the organisation and the nature and scope of the Trust activities. This exemption was reconfirmed on 31 October 2017.

Minority Shareholdings Golden Block Investments Limited

Golden Block Investments Limited owns and manages a retail property in central Dunedin with the Council being a 49% shareholder. Major tenants include Starbucks, Fisher and Paykel, Millers and Barkers.

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