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Dunedin City Council – Kaunihera-a-rohe o Otepoti

Key things you need to know

First, we want to keep attracting people to live, work and study here by keeping the city looking good. We’ll be carrying out some big projects to lift the look and feel of the city and make things safer and link better, like revamping the central city and a waterfront bridge.

Second, it’s costing us more to do the ‘business as usual’ work that keeps the city safe, well maintained and ticking over. As demand for labour and materials increases across the country, we’re seeing the costs of replacing and maintaining things increase.

Third, we must prepare for challenges ahead. With two serious floods in recent years, residents are well aware of the increasing risks from climate change. We need to plan carefully and be prepared to spend money to make sure our roads and stormwater  pipes can cope better with these events.

What’s happening

Rates increases DCC debt Same service

2018/19 – overall rates rise of 7.8%

2019/20 to 2027/28 – 4.4% on average

(5% limit on average over the next nine years)

$350 million limit DCC debt is sitting at about $199 million

Debt levels will vary over the 10 years

The quality and range of services we provide will stay the same, or in some cases improve

Thanks for your feedback

It was great to get your feedback on the key projects and plans we said we wanted to carry out over the next 10 years. Overall, we received 5661 pieces of feedback and the Council considered these views carefully before making decisions.

Big decisions

The Council has an ambitious 10 year plan for investing in Dunedin. We want to keep the city attractive and interesting and build on our successes. Here are some of the major projects and initiatives included in the 10 year plan.

Green Island Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrade | $44 million – to improve the treatment process and allow the plant to take and treat much more wastewater, including from Kaikorai Valley.

Peninsula Connection | $44 million – to widen and raise the road around Portobello to make it safer and more attractive.

Stormwater improvements in South Dunedin | $35 million – to improve how stormwater is collected and moved around to help reduce the flooding in South Dunedin.

Mosgiel Pool – the DCC contribution has gone up from $6.4 million to $10.8 million. This money is subject to the Taieri Community Facilities Trust raising a minimum of $3.2 million, and final Council approval of the project.

South Dunedin community hub | $5.25 million – to provide a permanent space for community activities, meeting areas and DCC service centre and library activities, as well as other community services.

Place-based community grants scheme – spend $300,000 a year on this new scheme for the first three years of the plan.

LED street lights | $12 million – to upgrade the street lights to LED lighting across the city to save on both energy and maintenance costs.

City cycleways | $23 million – to connect cycleways with existing routes, such as SH1, the Peninsula Connection, SH88 and the proposed tunnels trail.

Transport improvements | $20 million – to make our roads and footpaths safer and more accessible, including intersection upgrades, road markings, kerbs and footpaths.

The bridge – maximum of $20 million for the Architecture Van Brandenburg bridge from the city to waterfront.

Central city upgrade | $60 million – for substantial investment in the central city upgrade.

Tertiary precinct upgrade | $20 million – for substantial investment in the tertiary precinct upgrade.


The Council decided to lift the DCC debt limit to $350 million, rather than selling investment properties to keep debt down.

Money for other things

The Council decided to give more money for some things, such as grants funding, and provide funding for groups, such as Predator Free Dunedin and the Dunedin Wildlife Hospital.

Fees and charges

Most of our fees have gone up by 4%. This is mainly to cover extra costs. The biggest changes are at the DCC’s landfills. Our costs for dealing with rubbish have increased, so landfill charges for some types of waste will rise by about 25%.

What we spend your money on

Over the next 10 years, we are planning to spend $878 million replacing and building things. About 70% of this money will be spent on replacing assets like stormwater pipes, water and wastewater networks and roads. Where we can, we will take the opportunity to make things work better rather than just replacing them. About 30% of the $878 million is for upgrades and new projects.

We’ll also spend about $291 million each year on running costs – the ‘business as usual’ work that makes sure rubbish is collected, museums and libraries are open and gardens are well looked after.

What we spend your money on
Activities and services Capital costs
Operating costs
Where rates go
(every $100)
3 Waters $305m $671m $37
Roading and footpaths $373m $503m $9
Reserves and recreational facilities $67m $372m $21
Property $65m $332m $3
Libraries and museums $18m $225m $17
Waste management $9m $148m $2
Regulatory services $3m $112m $0
Community and planning $3m $114m $7
Economic development $0m $57m $3
Governance and support services $35m $372m $1  

More details are available in the full plan.

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