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Schools Cluster- Project updates

This page lists recent updates for School clusters project.

January 2019

Work has begun to make the roundabout at the intersection of Brown Street and Elm Row permanent.

The trial Brown Street/Elm Row roundabout installed last year has slowed traffic, improved pedestrian accessibility and made the intersection safer for all road users.

The permanent roundabout will provide safer access to St Joseph’s Cathedral School and improve the look of the intersection. Work to make the roundabout permanent will include replacing temporary bollards with two new crossing points including kerb buildouts and a pedestrian refuge island.

A new crossing point with kerb buildouts and a refuge island will also be constructed at the intersection of Brown Street and Duncan Street to make it safer.

Changes are also planned to parking in Duncan Street to narrow the street and slow speeds.
Four car parks will be added to both sides of the street by converting six parallel parks to 10 angle parks.

Signs at entry points to the area will let drivers know they have entered a school zone and to encourage reduced speeds.

Work on the intersections will be completed in June 2019.

Further information is available in a PDF link on the right side of this page.

Work on the second and third stages of the cluster area is expected to begin later in 2019.

Brown St Elm Row Duncan St improvements

April 2018

Installation of the gateways has started. Line markings have been painted at the entry points to the zone. Where there is a safe crossing point, courtesy crossing gateways are marked in red. Gateways are marked in yellow where there is no safe crossing point.

Courtesy crossings are not official pedestrian crossings, but they do provide a place where drivers should be courteous to pedestrians and can stop safely to allow pedestrians to cross. Pedestrians should wait until vehicles have come to a complete stop before crossing.

Signs and bollards will also be installed, as shown below.

Central schools Zone road sign.

To minimise disruption to schools and residents, work is being done at night.

Resealing work in Brown Street in April will allow already planned road safety work to be carried out at the same time, including installing a roundabout and crossing points with pedestrian refuge sites, new road markings and parking changes. Further information is available in a PDF link on the right side of this page.

Installation of the initial gateways is scheduled for late March 2018. The entry points to the zone will be marked with roadmarking, bollards and signage (image below). To minimise disruption to schools and residents, our contractors will install the gateways during the night.

For further information contact: DCC Transport Engineering and Road Safety Team Leader on 477-4000.

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