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Dunedin City Council – Kaunihera-a-rohe o Otepoti

The project will improve connections to and around the harbour.

Railway station to  Water of Leith

On Anzac Avenue a new cycleway will be built from the railway station to St Andrew Street. In this area, four car parks will be lost overall. From St Andrew Street, a new path will create a link alongside the railway line to a new bridge over Water of Leith near the mouth of the river. From here, people  can join the shared path along the western side of the harbour.

Harbourside route

From the Water of Leith bridge, new roads markings will improve the cycle lanes along Fryatt, Birch and Kitchener Streets. A shared path will be formed along the harbour front between Fryatt and Birch Streets. Signs will show people the way.

Portsmouth Drive

The Portsmouth Drive shared path is popular with people running, walking and biking. The trees along the path add wind protection and amenity value to the area, but their roots have affected the path’s surface. The path will be built up and resurfaced. The Portsmouth Drive path will take people  out to join the Peninsula Connection to Portobello and beyond.

Cycleway South

Project updates

Leith Bridge graphic.

December 2018

The Water of Leith bridge is open for use by pedestrians and cyclists, providing access across the Leith to Otago Harbour. Also completed is the Anzac Avenue cycleway from the Railway Station and safety improvements to the St Andrew Street and Anzac Avenue intersection.

The cycleway between St Andrew Street and the Water of Leith bridge is being designed and will be constructed in 2019.

August 2018

Construction of the foot/cycle bridge over the Water of Leith is underway. Disruption to the public will be minimised as much as possible during construction. Access to the shared paths in the area will be retained, with a detour around the worksite on the Magnet Street side.

Following confirmation of the final design of the bridge, the cost of construction is expected to be around $1.4 million, with the NZ Transport Agency providing 66% of the funding. Construction is expected to be complete in November.

Work is also underway on Anzac Avenue, Portsmouth Drive and the path along the waterfront, Fryatt, Birch and Kitchener Streets.

July 2018

Installation of the separated cycleway at the railway station end of Anzac Avenue (between St Andrew Street and the southbound SH1 one-way) starts this month and is expected to be completed by the end of November.

The new cycleway will be separated from the footpath and the vehicle lanes, and people will be able to cycle in both directions. The design also includes two pedestrian crossing points to improve safety. At the St Andrew Street intersection, all movements will be controlled by lights, with no free turns.

Work is also progressing on the Portsmouth Drive shared path and construction of the cycle/pedestrian bridge over the Water of Leith will start soon.

Access to the Farmers Market and leased and public carparks on Anzac Avenue will be retained during construction. Traffic management, including some detours, will be in place.


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