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Dunedin City Council – Kaunihera-a-rohe o Otepoti

December 2018

The new stormwater culverts have been installed in School Street. The road has been lowered and will be reinstated for normal traffic just before the Christmas break.

The contractor will return to the site in early January to do landscaping and fencing, and this will involve some restrictions for pedestrians and vehicle traffic during working hours. This remaining work is expected to be finished in early February.

October 2018

Work to address flooding in the School Street area is now on track for completion by the end of the year. The design and manufacture of the new box culvert took longer than anticipated, which slowed progress. The scope of the project has also been extended to replace a longer section of wastewater pipe across the road and into the park. This will ensure any future work can be kept clear of the road, minimising the impact on local residents.

School Street is prone to flooding in heavy rain. The work being done will reduce the impact on private properties by replacing the culverts that run under the road with a larger precast concrete box culvert. The road will be lowered to provide an alternative flow path if more rain falls than the new culvert can cope with. Ageing watermain and wastewater pipes in the area are also being replaced as they are near the end of their life.

The watermain and wastewater pipes have been replaced, but work remains to install the new stormwater culvert, lower the road and complete the extended wastewater pipe renewal. The amenity and safety of the street will be improved with the installation of a crossing point, paving and plantings at the point where the culvert passes under the road.

Installation of new box culvert

New culvert

Inside of new culvert

May 2018

Work to address flooding in the School Street area opposite the Nairn Street sportsground will start this month.

Work to replace the two stream culverts, upgrade water and wastewater pipes in School Street and lower the road at the culvert will start on Monday 14 May and is expected to be completed in October. Downer NZ Ltd has been contracted to do this work.

School Street is expected to be closed to through traffic between late June and the end of September. Public access from School Street to the Kaikorai Common will also be closed for some of this period to keep people safe while the culverts are being replaced.

Further renewals in the rest of the Kaikorai Common, Shetland Street Reserve and Bishopscourt Grounds are now expected to begin in mid-2019 to align with planting seasons. The timing of more extensive work in private properties elsewhere in Kaikorai is still to be confirmed and is expected to start in 2020.

December 2017

As part of the wider project, we will address flooding in the School Street area opposite the Nairn Street sportsground. Preliminary work to relocate power poles and install an underground steel structure to protect power cables is underway and will be finished in March. We had anticipated this work would start in October, but it was delayed by design work.

Once this preliminary work is completed, we will replace two culverts that carry the Kaikorai Stream under School Street. The road will be lowered at this location, and water supply and wastewater pipes will be upgraded. The timing will depend on contractor availability.

Some road closures in School Street are expected between January and July 2018, mostly from March on. Access to the Kaikorai Common will also be closed for some of this time.

Further renewals in the rest of the Kaikorai Common, Shetland Street and Bishopscourt are expected to begin some time between mid-2018 and mid-2019. The timing of more extensive work in private properties is still to be confirmed, but is expected to start after mid-2019.

July 2017

Work on pipeline renewals was planned to start in the Kaikorai Common, Shetland Street Reserve and Bishopscourt Ground in June. We’ve recently identified some issues we need to resolve to minimise disruption to the Kaikorai community and sportsground users, and have delayed the work until at least the end of the year. We will post a further update once we have a confirmed start date.

Please note that work to address flooding in the School Street area opposite the Nairn Street sportsground will not be affected and is planned to start in mid-October.

October 2016

We have received detailed design drawings from Opus and are reviewing them.

A planning consent application for managing the vegetation in the Kaikorai Common reserve and in the Shetland Street reserve will be submitted to the Dunedin City Council in early October. The public will then be invited to make submissions on the application.

Tendering for the construction work is expected to happen in late November 2016, with physical work to take place early in 2017. All work is programmed for completion by mid-2018.

May 2016

Phase 3 of the Kaikorai Valley Three Water’s Renewal Programme is progressing well and it is anticipated that tenders will be called in early June.  The works are required to renew old water, wastewater and stormwater pipes in the area that are at the end of their useful lives and causing issues with water quality and flooding.  The Phase 3 package comprises the following works:

  1. Realignment of the existing wastewater pipeline between Lynn Street and School Street which traverses through the Bishopcourt playing field and adjacent to the Kaikorai Stream.
  2. Realignment of the existing wastewater pipe line which traverses through private properties in Shetland Street.
  3. Renewal of the wastewater pipeline in Shetland Street and School Street.
  4. Realignment of the existing piped watercourse running under the Bishopcourt playing filed and construction of swale along the edge of the playing field.
  5. Renewal of the stormwater pipeline in Shetland Street.
  6. Construction of new culverts in School Street and Shetland Street.
  7. Renewal of watermain in Shetland Street and School Street.

The detailed design, tender documentation and construction monitoring for the above works was awarded to Opus International Consultants Limited in January 2016. Opus is progressing with the detailed design and expects to tender for the construction contract in early June.  All works are programmed for completion by May 2017.

November 2015

Following a process of survey and preliminary design Dunedin City Council is now requesting proposals from consultancies to undertake detailed design of pipeline renewals in this area. Detailed design will commence in January 2016 and it is expected that construction will commence in Spring 2016.

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