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Dunedin City Council – Kaunihera-a-rohe o Otepoti

17 December 2018

Zone D

Work in the Warden Street area was completed at the end of October, other than some minor tidy-up.

Over the next six months, we will apply a chip coat seal over new road patches on Opoho Road and Farquharson Street to improve traction for vehicles. Blacks Road will also be resealed in the current road-sealing season.

Water pressure in Farquharson Street will be increased, significantly improving fire-fighting capacity on the street. Properties affected by the increase in pressure will be notified before the pressure is changed.

We would like to thank everyone who lives in the area or was affected by this work for their patience and co-operation during construction.

Zone B

Work on water and wastewater pipe renewals in the area from Blacks Road to Calder Avenue is well underway.

Work is complete on Gillespie, Marquis, Balfour and Royston Streets other than some minor tidy-up.

New wastewater pipes have been installed on Grey Street, between James Street and Blacks Road. Work on the water pipes in this section is nearing completion, and then the road will be reinstated.

We have started replacing water pipes on James Street. The main pipe has been installed and we have begun transferring properties over to the new water service. The replacement of wastewater pipes in James Street will begin in January.

Work is underway on Calder Avenue.

Over the next two months, we will start water and wastewater renewals in:

  • Dalmeny Street
  • Primrose Bank
  • Longworth Street (water pipe replacement during the school holidays).

The whole project in this area is expected to be complete by the end of April.

  • July 2018

    Thank you to all who have attended our drop-in sessions.

    Zone D
    The contract for work in the Warden Street area in Opoho (Zone D) was awarded to Downer in January 2018. We held a drop-in session in February to let local residents know about our construction programme and arrangements for access and parking. Work started in this area in early March.

    As of mid-July, we have installed new water and wastewater pipes on:

    • Warden Street, from Farquharson Street to Blacks Road
    • Warden Street, from Opoho Road to 34 Warden Street
    • Opoho Road, from Signal Hill Road to Warden Street
    • Farquharson Street, from Signal Hill Road to halfway up the street.

    We have also installed a new kerb and channel on upper Warden Street.

    In June, we decided to pull the pipe-laying crew out of Farquharson Street to free up some vehicle access for residents. This will slightly delay completion of the work.

    Over the next two months, we will:

    • complete the pipe renewals in Farquharson and Warden Streets
    • complete the kerb and channel renewals on lower Warden Street
    • resurface the footpath on Warden Street
    • dig out and prepare the road on Warden Street for resurfacing.

    Once the road is prepared in September, we will keep an eye on conditions to make sure we resurface the road at the best time. All going well, we now expect work in this area to be finished by mid-October 2018.

    Zone B
    Work on water and wastewater pipe renewals in the area from Blacks Road to Calder Avenue (Zone B) will begin in August 2018 and is expected to be complete by the end of April 2019. The contract for this work has been awarded to Fulton Hogan.

    An information session has been held to tell local residents about the project and address any concerns.

    We are replacing pipes in Gillespie, Marquis and Balfour Streets from early August. This stage is expected to be completed by the end of October.

    Pipe replacement on Grey Street will start in mid-August. James and Royston Streets are also included in this stage and will follow on from the Grey Street work. This stage is expected to be completed by mid-December.

    We are expecting to start replacing pipes in Dalmeny Street, Primrose Bank, Calder Avenue and Longworth Street around November.

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