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Peninsula Connection Newsletter

Peninsula  aerial view.

Construction has started on the next section of the Peninsula Connection, between Turnbulls Bay and Portobello. It’s exciting to see work on the ground getting underway after many months of planning and consultation.

The road will be widened and raised through this section and a shared path for pedestrians and cyclists created. Repairs to the slip next to the Turnbulls Bay sea wall will also be completed. Just over 2km of new seawall will be built in this section of the project, requiring 50,000m3 of fill.

We will do our best to minimise disruption, but people travelling on Portobello Road between Turnbulls Bay and Portobello can expect some delays.

Peninsula connection road illustration.

Work programme

Peninsula connection otago harbour map.

Work to widen the road towards the harbour has begun near Bacon Street in Turnbulls Bay and will progress towards Portobello over the next year. The work will not affect Pineapple Rock or the rock outcrop near Pudding Island.

We will continue to refine the design for the remaining sections of the project so work on these can start once the Turnbulls Bay to Portobello section is complete.

Plan showing section to be built in this phase. Work will start at Turnbulls Bay and run through to tie in with the footpath in Latham Bay just past the Portobello Boat Club.

Traffic management

Peninsula connection Traffic Management map

We know this is a significant project with a big impact on the Peninsula community and we’re working to minimise disruption and keep residents informed.

Short sections of Portobello Road between Turnbulls Bay and Portobello are down to one lane with stop/go signs to manage traffic. If you are travelling along this route, please be patient and allow a bit more time.

More than 3000 truck and trailer loads of fill will be needed for the road widening in this section. There will be up to 10 truck trips to collect fill from the Clearwater Quarry at Papanui Inlet each day. The bulk of the fill will be transported along Portobello Road.

Trucks carting to and from the Clearwater Quarry will follow a single direction loop on Weir Road, Papanui Inlet Road and Allans Beach Road, as shown. Vehicles should follow all temporary traffic signs and we recommend following the suggested single direction loop when trucks are carting. The back bay roads are being re-gravelled and will be regularly maintained during the project to keep them in good condition.

Trucks will be carting Monday to Friday, with Saturday as contingency, and are expected to be on the road between 7.30am and 5.30pm.

Rocks in Peninsula shore.

If this plan changes, we will update affected residents and post an update on the project webpage.


Fulton Hogan has been contracted to construct this section and a site office has been set up at Maramoana Reserve near Pineapple Rock. If you have any questions or complaints about this part of the project, please contact their stakeholder liaison, Lydia Perkins on 03 478 8200.

How to find out more and give feedback

If you have any questions or would like to give us feedback on the project, please phone us on 03 477 4000, email

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