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Dunedin City Council – Kaunihera-a-rohe o Otepoti

The Ross Creek Reservoir Refurbishment is the second stage of a project to make Dunedin’s water supply more secure.

In the first stage, a pump was installed at the Southern Water Treatment Plant to supply clean water to the Mount Grand Water Treatment Plant. The pump station reduces the risk of an extended water shutdown for higher parts of the city.

Next are the $8.6m renewal of the Ross Creek Reservoir, which is underway, and construction of a $3.4 million pumping station and pipeline between Ross Creek Reservoir and the Mount Grand Water Treatment Plant.

These next projects will allow us to maintain water supply to the city if the Deep Creek and Deep Stream systems are out of action.

The Ross Creek Reservoir Refurbishment will allow us to use the full capacity of the reservoir. We are stabilising the bank, repairing and constructing pipelines, and installing ultrasonic algal control at the reservoir.

Burma Road and several of the tracks are closed during this work to keep the public safe.

The old Ross Creek water treatment plant site may need to stay closed for another year after the dam bank is repaired as it may be the field office and yards for the pump station and pipeline project. The old water treatment plant buildings will be used to house the new pump station.

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