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Dunedin City Council – Kaunihera-a-rohe o Otepoti

The Dunedin City Council has conceived the ‘South Dunedin Future’ programme to effectively respond to the climate-driven challenges facing South Dunedin.

Our current focus is on immediate interventions which will help mitigate (but not eliminate) flooding issues in the area.  At the same time, we are developing a programme that effectively responds to the medium to longer-term climate-driven challenges facing South Dunedin. The community, central government and stakeholders will be engaged in understanding what is happening, building resilience, identifying opportunities and options, and deciding how to adapt to further changes in South Dunedin’s environment.

What has been done?

In recent years, the DCC has made improvements to its existing infrastructure and the maintenance of them, to ensure they work as well as possible:

  • We have installed a new, larger $300,000 filter screen at the Portobello Road pumping station for faster cleaning and pumping.
  • We have improved inspection, cleaning and maintenance of the 1500 mud tanks (the stormwater grates in the gutter) in South Dunedin and across the city.
  • We have fitted new backflow prevention valves to help stop wastewater getting inside homes at risk.
  • We are replacing old wastewater pipes in the Kaikorai Valley area to lessen wastewater flooding in South Dunedin. Read more about this work here.

What else will be done in the medium to long term?

  • We have begun planning major projects, totalling about $51 million, so that wastewater from the Kaikorai Valley area – currently piped through South Dunedin to the Tahuna treatment plant – will instead be piped to Green Island for treatment. This will lessen wastewater flooding in South Dunedin.
  • Given the scale of this work, these improvements will take time to design, plan and construct. In the short term, we are planning a temporary wastewater diversion during periods of heavy rain to reduce wastewater flooding in South Dunedin. Read more about this work here.
  • We will also spend $35 million on flood reduction within South Dunedin over the next 10 years, working closely with the community, on things like new higher flow mud tanks, pump stations and new ways of diverting or managing water.
  • Even with all of this, there may still be times when more rain falls than underground systems can cope with. We are therefore committed to working with the community, the government and other experts to look at all the ways we can safely adapt to a changing climate.

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