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South Dunedin stormwater and groundwater

January 2019

Some work is being done to find out more about groundwater and soil conditions across South Dunedin. The work is a joint initiative between several organisations – EQC, GNS Science, QuakeCORE, the University of Otago, the Dunedin City Council and the Otago Regional Council.

Some equipment (piezometers) is being installed in the ground, mostly in the grass verge, at around 20 locations around South Dunedin. The piezometers will measure the water level every 10 minutes, and the soil will be tested as part of the installation process.

The piezometers are around 50mm in diameter and are set into the ground to give ongoing monitoring. They are sealed with a lockable cap on the surface, and look similar to a water toby cap.

The aim is to help develop better models of the impacts of future storms and sea level rise so we can prepare for changes in the future.

Data gathered from this project will be available on request from the Otago Regional Council.

June 2016

In June 2015, flooding affected several parts of Dunedin, but particularly South Dunedin.

Many residents suffered major loss and upheaval.

Naturally, people in the community are very concerned about the risks facing the area.

Since June 2015, the DCC has made a significant effort to understand the causes of the flooding and look at what can be done to reduce the impact of similar occurrences in the future. We have also been studying longer-term challenges affecting South Dunedin and other parts of the city.

On this page you will find links to a number of reports, documents and other information relating to the June 2015 floods, what the DCC has done to ensure the stormwater system works as well as it possibly can, the future risks facing the area from sea level and groundwater rise, and what the DCC intends  to do in the future.

The wellbeing of South Dunedin residents and businesses is the DCC's top priority.

Groundwater level monitoring in South Dunedin

Otago Regional Council Water Monitoring and Alerts

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