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Dunedin City Council – Kaunihera-a-rohe o Otepoti

The surf lifesaving club boat ramp was significantly damaged during the storms in May and subsequently removed to allow emergency works. The area was significantly undermined and support to the lower section of the ramp was lost where it exits through the sea wall. The surf lifesaving club required access to the beach before the beginning of summer 2013/14 to enable them to access the beach for lifesaving competitions and summer beach patrol.

Dismantling the surf club boat ramp

A ramp was constructed as a temporary measure to allow access over summer and is intended to last 1-2 seasons. The type and location of a permanent ramp will be considered along with the long term options for the wall.

Two locations were considered for the construction of the temporary ramp. The first was the location of the previous ramp, which led from the surf lifesaving club building and exited through the seawall onto the beach. The other location considered was at the east end of the seawall where the wall comes down to reach the beach.

The final design was to have the ramp at the east end of the wall. It is a rock ramp finished with a reno mattress (flat gabions). The ramp included widening the walkway from the top of the dune/esplanade sea wall and placing rocks, a bedding aggregate and reno mattresses, to form the ramp down the face of the adjacent dune onto the beach, where the end of the ramp is partially buried to blend into the beach profile. It extends beyond the existing wall to the east and runs along the sand sausages.

St Clair surf club ramp

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