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Dunedin City Council – Kaunihera-a-rohe o Otepoti
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Kettle Park Caution Notice

There is a possibility of a health risk to the public with any prolonged or on-going exposure to these dunes.

After stormy weather people need to be cautious around the dunes adjacent to Kettle Park in case any hazardous material has been exposed by wave and/or wind action.

Ocean Beach affected area

Occasionally it may be necessary for tracks on the dunes to be closed in this area after a storm event to ensure public safety. It is our intention to keep access between St Clair and St Kilda open at all times, but we ask that the public be patient during those few hours when dune stabilisation requires tracks to be closed.

Signage at the Kettle Park beach access points and at all other access points along Ocean Beach will include regularly updated information regarding the safety of the dunes and plans for their stabilisation.

It should be emphasised that there is no risk to the users of the adjacent sports grounds at Kettle Park.

Further information is available by phoning 477 4000.

Kettle Park Landfill

The Ocean Beach Project Team has been gathering information on the extent of the old landfill site at Kettle Park. Studies by Tonkin & Taylor have determine the boundaries and types of material in the old landfill site. This involved boreholes and samples being taken below the playing fields and the surrounding area, including the adjacent dune face.

View the Kettle Park - Extent of landfill – 1947 aerial map of the old landfill site in the related information section

The studies indicate that there is construction material and industrial waste under the clay cap which covers the playing fields. This was suspected, and the studies confirm that the waste is safely covered and there are no health issues whatsoever with the playing fields.

The investigations have, however, identified that these buried materials have been exposed on the seaward dune, probably as a consequence of compression over time. These are preliminary findings and further studies will be commissioned.

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