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Dunedin City Council – Kaunihera-a-rohe o Otepoti
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Ocean Beach Long Term Management

At present an Emergency Holding Pattern is in place, ensuring swift response to erosion along Ocean Beach from the St Clair sea wall to Lawyers Head. When that holding pattern is no longer required the report’s management plan will be put in place.

Adaptive Management Approach

The Tonkin and Taylor report takes an "Adaptive Management Approach" as summarised in Ocean Beach Erosion Management

Ocean Beach erosion management map small

Ocean Beach erosion management map. 

This approach divides the beach into four key areas and action plans:

Area one

This covers the area in front of the existing St Clair sea wall and is managed by a separate Dunedin City Council process. No actions are proposed for this area, other than maintaining the sea wall as required.

Areas two and three

From St Clair sea wall to the St Kilda Surf Club. These areas comprise of a narrow beach width with over-steepened dunes, and are the areas considered to be in need of intervention. The report notes that there is no simple effective solution and recommends the current Emergency Holding Pattern as a reasonable management approach in the short term (until 2022).

In the medium term (from 2022 to 2062) the recommended options are:

  • For area two from the end of the sea wall to the Cultural Centre, (approximately 300 metres), a buried backstop wall, where the toe of the dune would be perhaps ten metres inland on the 2007 dune toe position.
  • For area three from the Cultural Centre to the St Kilda Surf Club, (approximately 1045 metres), either;
    1. A managed retreat, which would allow the shoreline to find a more natural position, with the dune toe perhaps 30 metres inland from the 2007 dune toe Position, or
    2. A buried backstop wall, where the toe of the dune would be perhaps ten metres inland of the 2007 dune toe position.

Area four

Extends from St Kilda Surf Lifesaving Club to Lawyers Head has been identified as having no significant risk and is proposed to be managed by on-going monitoring to determine if there is any change from the existing situation that may warrant a response at some time in the future

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