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Dunedin City Council – Kaunihera-a-rohe o Otepoti

Purpose of Waste Futures and who it affects

Aims and scope

The three Waste Futures projects aim to help the DCC achieve key goals:

  • reducing and efficiently managing the city’s waste (solid waste) until we get as close to zero waste as possible
  • minimising any harmful effects of waste
  • improving how we manage waste to help the community (e.g. employment, support for and/or industry collaborations that result in reduced waste and/or recovering resources for beneficial use).

The DCC has circular economy and lower carbon emission goals, too.

The revised Waste Minimisation and Management Plan (WMMP) will provide the direction, while decreasing organic (food and/or green) waste going to landfill and providing a suitable landfill service help us get to our goals.

We are talking to the public about these three projects simultaneously and how we can better work towards our zero waste and circular economy targets.

Everyone in Dunedin produces waste, so everyone is affected by the outcome of these projects.

Residents most common experience of waste disposal comes via their domestic kerbside collection and when taking waste to the landfill. Any changes to kerbside collection (e.g. number/type of bins/bags) and changes to disposal options (e.g. a new landfill location or other alternatives) will require careful consultation.

People can have their say about the options our wide-ranging investigations will produce during public consultation in 2019.

There is more information about Circular Economy and Carbon emission reduction is in the related information section.

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