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Why the plan is being reviewed, and why it requires a district-wide waste assessment

WMMP Review

The Waste Minimisation and Management Plan (WMMP) sets out how the DCC, waste, diverted material and recycling operators, businesses, and individuals work together so Dunedin can have a zero waste  future with a circular economy .

The plan covers collection, recovery, recycling, treatment and disposal, services and facilities in Dunedin, including waste minimisation promotion and education, whether provided by the DCC or others.

Why review the WMMP?

The DCC’s first plan was completed in 2013. To keep pace with changes in the creation, reuse and/or disposal of waste, we review the WMMP at least every six years. A review of our WMMP 2013 is taking place during 2018 and 2019, including public consultation on what to keep and what to change.

District-wide waste assessment

A comprehensive, district-wide waste assessment is done each time the plan is reviewed, and stakeholders and special interest groups are consulted.

This helps plan and prioritise actions that will progress waste minimisation efforts and improve waste management practices. The waste assessment will be notified in the WMMP statement of proposal for public consultation.

The plan supports a collaborative approach to strengthen working relationships as we work towards a circular economy  and our zero waste  goals.

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