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Dunedin City Council – Kaunihera-a-rohe o Otepoti

This page provides the relevant information on the legislation.

There are two pieces of legislation to be considered. One is the District Plan for Dunedin. This provides for election signage as a permitted activity throughout the city. The District Plan has two permitted activity rules. The first rule (19.5.1(x)) provides for election signage on public sites identified on appendix 19A. The second rule (19.5.1(xi)) provides for election signage on private land. Signage that does not comply with the location requirements will require a resource consent.

The other piece of legislation is the Electoral (Advertisements of a Specified Kind) Regulations 2005. This was promulgated on 7 June 2005 by an Order in Council. The regulation provides for election signage. The associated explanatory note provides guidance on the general effect of the regulation. The regulation is reproduced on page seven of the Election Signs information pdf listed in the related information section.

The regulation is focused on sign content and duration. It over-rules District Plan Rule 19.5.1(x)(d), which states that signage can be displayed six weeks before an election; under the regulation, signs may be displayed up to two months before an election. The district plan rule does not control the content of the signage. The location of the signage remains subject to the requirements of Rule 19.5.1. The regulations therefore need to be read in conjunction with rule 19.5.1.

Advisory Note

Please note that the sites set aside in the District Plan for election signage are currently under review, and issues have been identified with a number of these sites. Although this review has yet to be completed, and candidates are therefore legally entitled to erect signs within the election signage sites shown in the District Plan, it is advised that the following sites should not be used for signage for the 2017 national elections, for the following reasons:

  • Quarry Road, Mosgiel. This site is no longer considered appropriate due to limited site space and the presence of a high voltage underground power cable running alongside the road (see Map A in the related information section).
  • Church Street, Mosgiel. This site is no longer considered appropriate due to residential development immediately adjacent to the road reserve.

In addition, the site at Brighton Road, Waldronville, next to Kaikorai Estuary, has been planted with flaxes and other vegetation. Please take care not to damage any vegetation when erecting signs at this site.

See also the Election signs installation advice pdf, in the related information section, which contains information on underground power cabling to be avoided at several election signage sites.

The Otago Regional Council does not allow advertising on boat sheds, ramps, pontoons and jetties on Otago Harbour. Please refer to the document in the related information section.

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