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Dunedin City Council – Kaunihera-a-rohe o Otepoti
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Dunedin Cycle Survey

This survey provided guidance to the Council on:

  • The level of general interest there is in cycling; and
  • Whether there is general support from the community to develop and improve cycling facilities in Dunedin.

Key findings are that:

  • 75% of the respondents use a car as their main mode of transportation, whereas only 39% of the respondents would like to use was a car as their main mode of transportation.
  • 63% of the respondents have access to, or own a bicycle.
  • 46% of the respondents rarely or never ride a bicycle due to safety concerns.
  • 93% of the respondents agree that more cycleways that are separated from traffic would be better for cyclists, and 59% of the respondents agreed that more cycleways that are separated from traffic would encourage them to cycle (or cycle more).
  • 74% of the respondents agree that the Dunedin City Council should spend money on constructing separated cycleways.
  • 55% of the respondents agree that the removal of on-street car parking should be considered in some locations to make way for separated cycleways.
  • Many of the respondents think that the best and safest approach is to separate cycleways from vehicles. There were many comments about poor behaviour and attitudes that both motorists and cyclists have towards each other, and that more education is needed for motorists and cyclists.
  • The responses from the existing and preferred travel choice questions showed such a significant latent demand for cycling in Dunedin, that the survey findings are now being used in other DCC and consultant reports to support the case for an expansion of the cycling network in Dunedin.

    The DCC will shortly begin implementing the first phase of the Strategic Cycle Network, commencing with the South Dunedin Cycle Network over the next three years. The Network will provide safe, predominantly separated cycling facilities to encourage people to consider cycling who don’t yet ride, and to support those who do. It will consist of separated cycleways, shared paths, quiet streets and some cycle lanes. The following four sections of the South Dunedin Cycle Network are planned in 2013/2014:

    • Portobello Road – providing a 4.5 metre wide, two way separated bike facility along the southern side of Timaru Street to Portsmouth Drive.
    • Shore Street – upgrading the Shore Street/Portsmouth Drive intersection, and providing a 3 metre wide shared path for cyclists and pedestrians on Shore Street between Portsmouth Drive and Musselburgh Rise. Two options are provided for this link.
    • Portsmouth Drive/Wharf Street – widening the existing path to 2.5-3 metres, and improving crossing points.
    • Royal Crescent – providing an exclusive off road cycle path, initially from Timaru Street to Ravelston Street. This will include restricted access to Rugby and Marlow Streets.

    Council is also working closely with the NZTA to improve cycling infrastructure in the central city. Some improvements to cycling on State Highway 1 have already been implemented, and a long term plan is being developed which will be consulted on later this year.

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