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Dunedin City Council – Kaunihera-a-rohe o Otepoti
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Review of District Plan Survey

This survey provided guidance to the Council on:

Providing for smaller households (family flats and multi-units)

  • 87% of respondents agree that family flats should be allowed in their neighbourhood.
  • 75% agree that multi-units should be allowed in their neighbourhood.

Management of residential amenity

  • Most respondents agree that outdoor space should be oriented to the sun (80%); that outdoor space is accessible from living areas (73%); and that outdoor space should not be too steep (75%). Respondents are less decided about whether outdoor space is covered by landscaping (40% are neutral). 57% of respondents think roof top gardens and balconies should count as outdoor amenity space.
  • About two thirds of respondents think front yard garages and front yard car ports should be allowed in neighbourhoods.
  • Of those who agree that front yard garages and car ports should be allowed, the most common comments were that they should blend in with surroundings, have restrictions on size and height, be situated back from the street, and be safe.
  • Respondents’ opinions were spread on whether restrictions should be placed on front yard parking in their neighbourhoods. 39% agree there should be restrictions and 39% disagree that there should be restrictions. 20% were neutral on this question.
  • 60% agree that there should be restrictions on the height and materials of fencing. Of those that agree, 25% think the height restriction should be 2 metres; 26% think it should be 1.8 metres and 29% think it should be 1.5 metres. 45% of those who agree there should be restrictions on fencing, disagree that the portion of fencing over 1.4 metres should use ‘see through’ materials in their neighbourhood. 37% agree that the portion of fencing over 1.4 metres should use ‘see through’ materials.

Managing residential development in the rural environment

  • Most respondents (74%) agree that residential development in the rural environment should be controlled.

The People’s Panel findings will feed into the review of the District Plan and the preparation of a new ‘second generation’ District Plan. As a result of the survey, planning staff will further develop options that have clear support from the community as indicated by the People’s Panel survey and other key stakeholder consultation that has occurred in the Issues and Options phase. This might include changes to the planning rules related to:

  • Standards for ‘amenity’ outdoor spaces in new residential development
  • New garages and carports in front yards
  • Using front yards for parking in residential areas
  • Residential fencing adjacent to streets and other public areas
  • New ‘family flats’ (aka Granny flats)
  • New Multi-unit residential developments.

Suggestions provided in the open-ended questions will also be considered and incorporated into performance standards or other Plan provisions, where appropriate. Preferred options, followed by draft provisions, will be presented to councillors for endorsement to be included in a new District Plan. We are hoping to have the District Plan completed by early-mid 2014. The new ‘proposed’ District Plan will be open to a formal public submission process and rights of appeal.

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