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Stadium Review Survey

Stadium Review Survey

This survey provided guidance to the Dunedin City Council (DCC):

  • how to ensure that the community (who are subsidising the facility) get to use the Stadium;
  • how costs can be reduced; and
  • how revenue generation can be maximised.

Key findings include:

  • Most People’s Panel Panellists have visited the Forsyth Barr Stadium at least once. 25% have never visited the Stadium.
  • Of those who have been to the Stadium, 55% were satisfied with their experience.
  • 15% of those who have visited the Stadium were dissatisfied and the most common reasons for dissatisfaction were: poor sound at events; the cost, quality and service of food and drinks; draughty conditions; and poor access to exits, parking and stairs.
  • Most Panellists want to see more concerts, community events, international and local rugby, soccer, markets and other events at the Stadium.
  • The most popular ideas on how revenue can be increased at the Stadium are: attracting more variety of events; increasing attendance by reducing ticket prices; having more international shows and charging for the car park.
  • The most popular ideas on how costs can be reduced at the Stadium are: reviewing and reducing staff and management costs, closing or selling the Stadium, decreasing staffing levels; using more volunteers; and reducing costs for community groups to use the Stadium. Also popular was the need for greater transparency and communication around finances and performance.
  • Most Panellists (67%) said community events should be subsidised by commercial events at the Stadium.
  • 55% said community events should NOT be subsidised by a ratepayer fund or subsidy and 45% said they should be subsidised by a ratepayer fund or subsidy.
  • The most popular ideas on how community use of the Stadium can be improved are: improving promotion and marketing of the Stadium; reducing costs for community groups using the Stadium; running the Stadium as a business; and attracting a greater variety of events.

The Stadium Model Subcommittee (members: Mayor Dave Cull, Councillors Staynes, Wilson, Vandervis and Brown) met on 30 November 2012, and have considered all of the thoughts, ideas and feedback provided by the People’s Panel in their wider review of the financial and operating model of the Stadium. The Subcommittee will have a second meeting in early 2013 to finalise their views on the feedback, and will provide formal recommendations for the consideration of the full Council. These meetings are public.

All feedback has also been forwarded to Dunedin Venues Management Limited (DVML).

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