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Use of Octagon survey

Events are an important part of Dunedin's city life allowing visitors and residents to feel connected and to celebrate our city as a unique and special place.  The Octagon is an area which is currently used for events by the Dunedin City Council, community groups, individuals and businesses.   This survey provides feedback on whether we might use the Octagon more for events and how this might happen.

Key  Findings

There were 420 responses to this survey.

  • The majority of respondents (87%) support more regular use of the Octagon for events.  A small percentage (3%) does not support more regular use and some (10%) are not sure.
  • Respondents were interested in a broad range of events and activities.  The most popular were community events, street theatre, bands, multi-ethnic events and buskers.  Least popular were open microphone sessions and poetry reading though more than a third of respondents supported the idea    of these also.
  • Almost half of respondents (48%) said they would like to see events weekly. Twenty-two percent said monthly and 20 percent said fortnightly.
  • The most popular methods of finding out about Octagon events were the Otago Daily Times (77%); the Star (64%); and Facebook (59%).  Also popular were the radio, word of mouth, community newspapers, DCC website and posters.
  • More than half of respondents would like to see events held at the Botanic Garden bandstand (64%); the Otago Museum Reserve (58%); Vogel Street Warehouse Precinct (54%); and the Exchange in Princes St (52%).
  • Forty percent of respondents visit the Octagon between weekly and monthly and a further 29 percent visit between daily and weekly.
  • The most common reasons for visiting the Octagon are to use it as a thoroughfare (67%), to use it when visiting movies, Art Gallery or Regent Theatre (64%), and to use it when visiting a café or bar (56%).
  • Many commented that it is a good idea to have more events in the Octagon.  There were also suggestions about closing the Octagon to traffic and making the Octagon smoke free.  Some commented that they do not feel safe in the Octagon at night; that the Octagon could be more attractive and    that access and parking can be restrictive in this area.  A few do not want more events in the Octagon.

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