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Creative Dunedin Partnership - Responsibilities, Reporting and Review

Secretarial and Meetings

Meetings will be held six times per year on a bi-monthly basis, for approximately two hours dependent on agendas.Reasonable notice of meetings and business to be conducted shall be given to the members of the CDP and papers to be considered at the meeting shall be circulated electronically to all members at least 5 working days prior to the meeting.  Minutes of all meetings shall be kept by the Dunedin City Council and circulated to members of the Creative Dunedin Partnership.


The responsibilities of CDP members are to:

  • Attend all CDP meetings
  • Support the governance of Ara Toi including: providing expertise, knowledge and guidance; identifying, assessing and prioritizing new actions and projects; appointing action leads as necessary, and approving and supporting action teams;
  • Review progress against Ara Toi’s ambitions, ensuring interventions are either effective or ended
  • Support a strong relationship with the Grow Dunedin Partnership to ensure opportunities for cooperation are identified and actioned

Each of the initial actions given the go ahead by Council has an Action Team established to drive its delivery.  These Teams will have a formal relationship with the CDP around their role, and the Teams are expected to draw on expertise and enthusiasm.  As it is likely that ongoing projects will be led by a variety of different types of organisations, (businesses, educations providers etc.), formal articulation of these arrangements may take a range of forms, for example one might be a Contract for Services and another might be a multi-disciplinary public sector team.  To ensure consistency across these different teams, the CDP prepares and adopts a set of overarching principals for project delivery.

In addition, the Creative Dunedin Partnership shall examine any other matters referred to it by any of the partners, investors or any other individual or organisation that is relevant to its role in driving the delivery of Ara Toi.

Reporting and Review

Dunedin City Council staff will support the Creative Dunedin Partnership to:

  • report formally to the Dunedin City Council at the end of August on the year’s progress
  • review its objectives, responsibilities and terms of reference in July each year to ensure they are fit for purpose

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