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Dunedin City Council – Kaunihera-a-rohe o Otepoti
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Purpose of the Strategy

Ara Toi is intended to set the direction for further strengthening arts and culture in Dunedin over the coming years. The strategy formally recognises both the intrinsic value of arts and culture, and the value of the creative sector as an industry of critical importance in the knowledge economy. It aims to position Dunedin as one of the world’s great small cities for arts and culture, where creativity is fully integrated into the city’s identity and recognised as essential to our future success.

The strategy has been developed by the Dunedin City Council, working in partnership with arts and culture collective Transforming Dunedin and drawing upon key stakeholder and community input.

Ara Toi sets out four strategic themes that establish the main areas of focus for the city. Each theme is broken down into a number of goals that identify what the city intends to do. Initial actions that have been highlighted as critical during the development of the strategy were adopted in 2015.  It is expected that the direction set in Ara Toi will influence every day thinking and decision-making in the city and that other actions will evolve over time.

This strategy is a living document. Its outcomes will be monitored to measure progress and success, and it will be evaluated at regular intervals to ensure it remains meaningful, relevant and fresh.

What do we mean by ‘arts and culture?’

Dunedin’s definition of arts and culture builds on existing definitions, for example that of Creative New Zealand, and encompasses community and professional activities, including creative, technology and knowledge-based industries.

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