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Dunedin City Council – Kaunihera-a-rohe o Otepoti
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Strategic Theme 3: Inspired Connections

Dunedin is a small city where residents, often enjoying connections dating back decades or even generations, and the more transient student and academic population intermix freely, allowing innovation and creativity to be accomplished on an intimate rather than a large and anonymous scale. Dunedin is also known for the generosity of its people and creative sector in working with those from outside of the city. These interactions generate new thinking. This strategy will see Dunedin make more use of strong existing networks and foster new connections to better facilitate creative individuals and their supporters to come together and create works of world-beating genius.

Networked Winner -

Capitalise on the city’s connected creative communities

Exceptional connectedness is one of Dunedin’s greatest assets but the creative sector is mostly made up of self-employed practitioners, often working alone or in small groups. This can limit access to funding, markets and sometimes, opportunities to continue to develop. This strategy supports actions to harness the city’s strengths, to work together to greater effect, to use national and international networks to coordinate, promote, market, and grow. There is potential for artists to operate even more collaboratively when applying for funding, putting together exhibitions that will travel abroad or in bringing international experts to the city.

Ambitious Partner -

Facilitate public, private and creative sector partnerships to conceive and deliver magnificent projects here and internationally

This strategy is a rallying call to mobilise the Dunedin community to be engaged, inventive and imaginative in the ways its professional relationships and partnerships are structured. Dunedin has a wide range of cultural services, attractions, products, and an enthusiastic arts and culture community. The goal is to cultivate a creative and innovative Dunedin community, where public, private, educational, and creative partners work together and do amazing things. Organisations and businesses will be encouraged to take advantage of the benefits from including creatives in their work.

“Perhaps the culture of giving, and support, that grand idea of giving back to our city has been lost. Perhaps there’s a concept of unwillingness to invest in the city lest the powers that be **** it up… Dunedin ought to consider how it generates an enhanced culture of philanthropy throughout the city.”

Hamish Saxton, community member

Studio Innovator -

Embed multi-disciplinary approaches to generate fresh thinking, creative solutions and imaginative outcomes

Boosting the role of arts and culture in everyday life will strengthen Dunedin’s position as a centre for creativity. Dunedin must continue to be a place that switches up the status quo, imaginatively addressing the challenges and opportunities of today and tomorrow, from inequality to climate change. This strategy promotes linking artists and other parts of the community together in new ways for learning, research, fun and economic development in fields as diverse as science communication, digital product design and the culinary arts. We know there is a clear pay off. We already have leading business and tertiary/business blends, like the Otago Polytechnic’s Innovation WorkSpace, producing cutting-edge research and enterprise solutions to contemporary issues.

“One thing I’ve noticed that happens more in Dunedin than other cities I’ve lived in, is that there is a lot more cross disciplinary activity in the arts, which lends itself to experimentation and new directions for work.”

Juliet Novena Sorrel, Visual Artist and Artistic Director of the Dunedin Midwinter Carnival

OddookiOddooki 2008|Sueng Yul Oh|Collection Te Papa Tongarewa Installation at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery as part of MOAMOA: A Decade, Seung Yul Oh

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