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Creative Communities Scheme Application

Before you start: - read the Creative Communities Scheme Guide for Applicants (PDF, 257.8kb, new window)

Before you prepare your application you should read the Creative Communities Scheme Application Guide. This guide tells you:

  • whether you are able to apply for Creative Communities Scheme funding for your project
  • which projects and costs are eligible and ineligible
  • what information you will need to include in your application

Note the local funding priorities for the Creative Communities Scheme Dunedin

CCS Dunedin gives priority to projects that contribute to the strategic themes of Ara Toi Ōtepoti - Our Creative Future: Dunedin's Arts and Culture Strategy.

  • Strategic Theme 1: Identity Pride
  • Strategic Theme 2: Access and Inclusion
  • Strategic Theme 3: Inspired Connections
  • Strategic Theme 4: Creative Economy

For more information about Ara Toi, visit:

  • We recommend that you keep a copy of your completed application for your own reference.
  • Contact the CCS administrator if you need advice on your application:
    • Cara Paterson
    • Lisa Wilkie

Phone: 03 477 4000 or email:

Closing date: Friday 29 March 2019

  • About this form

    About this form

    About this online form: You can start this application form now and finish it later and you can do this as many times as you need to.

    To start to this form, tell us your email address. When you use the 'Save Progress and Exit' button, we will save your application and send you an email to this email address. Please do not use any formatting in the field - enter only the email address

    There will be a link and password in the email we send you. Please use the link to go back to the form and finish it. Retain this email so you can save and return to the form as required.

    Using the Save Progress and Exit option does not submit an application for consideration - you must complete the form and use the submit button on Page 5 for the application to be completed and submitted for consideration

    When you have finished and use the 'Submit' button we will send you an email to confirm we have received it. If you do not receive an email from us or have any problems sending us your application, please contact us.

    Please ensure you allow pop-ups for this browser while completing this form as error messages for some question fields appear as pop-ups.

    Please note: you attach the supporting documents necessary for this application in the last section of this form. Each file must NOT be larger than 2MB in size.

  • Applicants details

    Applicant details

    Are you applying as an individual or group?
    (please enter organisation/group name or individual name)
    (please enter a valid email address - name@domain, (eg, etc)

    Ethnicity of applicant/groupDetail
    (mark with an X, you can select multiple options)  

    Would you like to speak in support of your application at the CCS assessment committee meeting?
    How did you hear about the Creative Communities Scheme?

  • Project details

    Project details

    Funding criteria: Which of the schemes three funding criteria are you applying under? If your project meets more than one criterion, choose the one that is the project’s main focus.
    Artform or cultural arts practice:
    Activity best describes your project?

    Cultural tradition of your projectDetails
    (mark with an X, you can select multiple options) 

    What do you want to do?
    How will the project happen?
    Tell us about the key people and/or the groups involved.
    Tell us how this project will deliver to your selected criterion: access and participation, diversity or young people.

  • Project budget details

    Project details - budget

    Are you GST registered?
    Please download this worksheet and enter the Project Costs and Income into the worksheet. Transfer the Total Project Costs, Total Project Income, Costs less Income and Amount you are requesting  figures into the fields below

    Project Costs and Income Worksheet (excel, 12.4kb, new window)

    Save and name the worksheet with your organisation's name. Upload the completed worksheet on the last page of this form.

    Tell us about any other funding you have applied for or received for this project
    (remember you can’t receive funds for your project from both CCS and Creative New Zealand’s other funding programmes).
    Date Applied Who toHow muchConfirmed/
    Tell us about other grants you have received through the Creative Communities Scheme in the past three years.
    DateProject titleAmount Received

    Project completion report submitted (yes/no)

  • Declaration and attachments

    Attachments, Declaration and Checklist

    Before submitting your application, complete this checklist


    You must read and select the answer option at the bottom of the declaration to show that you have read the information and agree to each section.

    • I/We understand that if this application is successful I/we cannot receive funds for the same project from Creative New Zealand’s other funding programmes.
    • I/We declare that the details contained in this application are correct and that I/we have authority to commit to the following conditions.

    If this application is successful, I/we agree to:

    • complete the project as outlined in this application (or request permission in writing from the CCS Administrator for any significant change to the project)
    • complete the project within a year of the funding being approved
    • complete and return a project report form (this will be sent with the grant approval letter) within two months after the project is completed
    • return any unspent funds
    • keep receipts and a record of all expenditure for seven years
    • participate in any funding audit of my organisation or project conducted by the local council
    • contact the CCS administrator to let them know of any public event or presentation that is funded by the scheme
    • acknowledge CCS funding at event openings, presentations or performances
    • use the  CCS  logo in all publicity (eg poster, flyers, e-newsletters) for the project and follow the guidelines for use of the logo. Logo and guidelines can be downloaded from the Creative New Zealand website:
    • I understand that the Dunedin City Council is bound by the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987
    • I/we consent to the Dunedin City Council recording the personal contact details provided in this application, retaining and using these details, and disclosing them to Creative New Zealand for the purpose of evaluating the Creative Communities Scheme.
    • I/we understand that my/our name and brief details about the project may be released to the media or appear in publicity material.
    • I/we undertake that I/we have obtained the consent of all people involved to provide these details. I/we understand that I/we have the right to have access to this information.
    • This consent is given in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993

    I have read and understand the declaration * (required)

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