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DCC Community Grants Application

DCC Community Grants must be submitted using the online form; late and/or incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Important Information About Applying For A Grant

  • Please complete one application form for each project and attach ALL supporting documents to this form.
  • We recommend you contact us before you send us your application. We can give you advice and support for your project or service, and help you apply for a grant – phone 03 477 4000 or email
  • If you have received a DCC grant before and have not completed the Report Back Form for it, you will not be able to apply for another grant from us. Please complete the Grants Report Back Form

Applications for DCC Community Grants close at 5.00pm on Friday 29 March.

You are able to continue to make applications for funding, however the applications will not be considered until the September 2019 funding round.

  • About this form and contact email address

    About this online form: You can start this application form now and finish it later and you can do this as many times as you need to.

    To start to this form, tell us your email address. When you use the 'Save Progress and Exit' button, we will save your application and send you an email to this email address. Please do not use any formatting in the field - enter only the email address

    There will be a link and password in the email we send you. Please use the link to go back to the form and finish it. Retain this email so you can save and return to the form as required. When you return to the form please check that any files you have attached are still listed.

    Using the Save Progress and Exit option does not submit an application for consideration - you must use the SUBMIT button for the application to be submitted for consideration.

    When you have finished and use the SUBMIT button we will send you an email to confirm we have received the application. A copy of your application will be included in the email, please keep this email for your records. If you do not receive an email from us or have any problems sending us your application, please contact us.

    Please ensure you allow pop-ups for this browser while completing this form as error messages for some question fields appear as pop-ups.

    Please note: you attach the supporting documents necessary for this application in the last section of this form. Each file must NOT be larger than 4MB in size. Please attach these files before you submit the form. We recommend that you upload/attach the files at the end of the application, just before submitting the form if you are using the 'Save Progress and Exit' option.

    (please enter a valid email address - name@domain (eg, etc)

  • About your project

    Which grant are you applying for? *(required)
    (e.g. project name, wages for staff member)(max 150 words).
    Tell us the addresses and postcodes where your project will take place. If your project is city-wide please write Dunedin City.
    Tell us about the people creating the project and your audience. (150 words)
    What do you want to do? (250 words)
    How will the project happen? (250 word)
    Tell us about the key people and/or the groups involved (who are you serving, who will benefit in the community, how many of the people benefitting live in Dunedin) (250 words)
    Tell us how this project will meet the Community Grants criteria.(250 words)
    equipment (The community must use your facility or equipment at least 20 hours in a week to qualify for a community grant.)

    Evidence of previous practice and/or community support

    Please attach letters of support from individuals and local, regional or national organisations. It is useful to send evidence of the success of previous work such as programme evaluations. You can attach these in the last section of this form.

  • About your budget

    For Community Grants, you must contribute at least 30% of the cost of the project for which you are applying. Contributions can include donated materials and professional services.

    List all the income and costs for your project or service.

    You can download this template worksheet to assist with your budgeting. We will accept other formats if you already have your own budget, but please ensure that the items covered in the template are included in your form. Please  Save and name the worksheet with your organisation's name if using the template. Please upload the completed worksheet in the last section of this form.

    Project Costs and Income Worksheet (excel, 12kb, new window)

    Transfer the Project Costs, Income, Total Project Costs (A) and Total Project Income (B) figures into the fields below.


    (eg: donations or crowdfunding - please include how much you anticipate making, or have already made.) (max 150 words).

    Have you received grants from any other organisation?

    If you have please tell us about the funding

    Organisation Amount received

    Do you have any other grant applications pending?

    If you have please tell us about the about funding applications

    Organisation Amount requested but not yet received
    Have you received funding through DCC Grants in the past 3 years? *(required)

    Goods and Services

    Have you sought quotes for your project or service? If so, please include details in the table below. If required, you may be required to provide evidence of this.

    Quote fromQuote amount

    Please tell us your bank details:
    This is the account we will pay your grant into, if your application is successful.

    Bank *(required)Branch*(required)Account*(required)Suffix*(required)

    (if applicable). You do not have to be registered to receive a grant.

  • About your organisation

    If you have changed your name in the last year, please tell us your old name too.
    Tell us the web address for your project. You can include your organisation's website and social media links.

    Primary contact person:
    Please check your email address regularly, as we may ask you for more information about your application.

  • Declaration, checklist and supporting documents

    Please attach the documents to your application.

    We recommend that you upload/attach the files at the end of the application, just before submitting the form if you are using the 'Save Progress and exit' option.

    (maximum file size 4MB)

    Upload all other documents
    (this can include financial accounts, evidence of community support or previous practice, or any other information you want to support your application.)

    (maximum file size 4MB)
    (maximum file size 4MB)
    (maximum file size 4MB)
    (maximum file size 4MB)
    (maximum file size 4MB)
    Have you *(required)

    Has your organisation been subject to enforcement or received a request for abatement in relation to non-compliant activities *(required) This could include Resource Consents, Licensing and Compliance, Health and Safety or Building Control

    I declare that the above information is correct. If my application is successful, my organisation agrees to abide by the terms and conditions *(required)

    Funding and Grants Terms and Conditions
    please download and read the Terms and Conditions, and acknowledge

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