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Food premises grade search

The Food Grading Bylaw allows for food businesses that are registered with the Dunedin City Council, and sell food to the public, to be graded with an A to D grade.

The grade given is decided by assessing a range of factors. These include the way the business is managed, the structure of the premises, the levels of cleaning and sanitation, and staff training and issued at the time of the most recent  verification visit. Grades range from:

  • A - Excellent
  • B - Good
  • C - Acceptable
  • D - Poor
  • GP - Grade pending – for new businesses where a grade is yet to be allocated
  • U – Ungraded – businesses of a limited nature, do not trade directly with public or National Programme 1

In some instances premises who are no longer registered with the DCC, or are carrying out business where there is no public interface, are not eligible to receive a grade under the DCC Grading Bylaw.

Dunedin Food Premises

Use this search to find out what your favourite restaurant’s current grade is and to help you decide where to eat out in Dunedin.

Search by name, location, grade or any combination of terms.

Search Food Premises for Grades

For more details of registeredpremises refer to the Ministry of Primary Industry website.

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