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Building services general charges

Development Contributions

Your application may also be required to pay development contributions under the Council’s Development Contributions Policy. For more information please ring 03 477 4000 and ask to speak to the Development Contributions Officer, or email

Building Consent – General Charges 2018-19
Administration charges (hourly rate) $96.70
Alternative Solution Approval (hourly rate) $175.70
Amended Plan Application (deposit only plus hourly rate thereafter) $175.70
Building Consent Exemption Fee – Schedule 1(2) (hourly rate) $175.70
Building on land subject to natural hazards (S71 – S74) application fee plus LINZ Lodgement Fee plus hourly rate thereafter $175.70
Building on two or more allotments (S75–S83) application fee plus LINZ Lodgement Fee plus hourly rate thereafter $175.70
Change of Use Consideration – if no building work required – charged at hourly rate $175.70
Conversion of hard copy application to digital application (hourly rate) $175.70
Extension of Time Application $36.00
Front Counter Advice 15 minutes free then hourly rate thereafter $175.70
Functions Relating to Dangerous, Earthquake Prone or Insanitary Buildings (hourly rate) $175.70
Grants, Waivers and Modification of the Building Code (hourly rate) $175.70
Heating Appliance Fee (domestic only) $364.00
Inspection charges (hourly rate) $175.70
Minor Plan Variation fee (no additional processing and very simple changes) $98.80
Minor Plumbing, Installation of new fitting $587.60
Non Commercial Fast Track Code Compliance Certificates (hourly rate) $175.70
Notice to Fix (NTF) preparation fee (hourly rate) $175.70
Pre–Application Meetings (hourly rate) $175.70
Processing charges (hourly rate) $175.70
Relocate Hot Water Cylinder Fee $364.00
Re–lodged/Split Building Consent application (no change in value of work) (hourly rate) $175.70
Same day inspection fee cancellation $175.70
Swimming Pool Fence Monitoring Inspection (per inspection) $175.70
Administration cost for withdrawing building consent application $96.70
Building Consent Lists (Electronic Only)
Annual Subscription $325.50
Monthly Subscription $33.00
Report – Monthly Subscription (Generated Weekly) $54.00
Disbursements – Copies of Plans and Records
A3 and A4 $1.00
A3 and A4 – Electronic Copy (hourly rate) $96.70
Certificate of Title (C/T) $50.00
Note: Plans and records sent electronically will be charged at the hourly rate rather than per page for collation.
Request for Information/Property Searches
Copy of Consent Documents required for one specific consent plus $1.00 per photocopy $33.00
Electronic Report – Building Consents and Code Compliance Certificates issued $26.00
Faxing/Postage (additional to minimum charge) $2.00
Hourly rate $96.70
Hourly rate charged for Commercial Property Information Requests plus $1.00 per photocopy $96.70
Requests for Residential Plans by Tradesmen, Designers and Building Consultants, plus $1.00 per photocopy $33.00
Residential – Combined Building, Plumbing and Drainage Consents $96.70
Residential Building or Plumbing and Drainage plans  (Building plans – site and floor plans) $60.00
Property Reports/Documents for Filing on Council Records
Submit As–Built plan for Schedule 1 Exempt Building work for filing on Council records (includes plans submitted for historic work) $73.00
Submit Independent Building Report for filing on Council records (Safe and Sanitary Report) $205.00
Building and Drainage Inspections - After Hours
Inspection (hourly rate) $263.00
Building Warrant of Fitness (BWOF)
BWOF Inspection fee and/or Audit fee then hourly rate thereafter $175.70
BWOF Return fee $175.70
BWOF Return fee and Form 12 $192.00
Copy of Compliance Schedule $33.00
Issue new or amended Compliance Schedule (hourly rate) $175.70
Amusement Device (set by Amusement Device Regulations 1978)
Each additional device for first seven days or part thereof – same owner $2.30
For each device $1.50 GST inclusive for a further seven days or part thereof $1.50
One amusement device, for the first seven days or part thereof $11.50
Certificate of Acceptance
Certificate of Acceptance Application (processing fee not included, refer to Building Consent Application Costs.) Not charged when building works have been undertaken under urgency section 41(c). $528.00
Certificate for Public Use
Certificate for Public Use amendments (hourly rate) $175.70
Certificate for Public Use Construction/Occupation Application fee (to a maximum of 12 months) $440.00
Certificate for Public Use Inspection Charge (hourly rate) $175.70
Renewal of Certificate for Public Use Construction/Occupation Application fee (to a maximum of 12 months) $968.00
Code of Compliance Certificate
Solid Fuel burners & residential minor building/plumbing work $88.00
Residential minor work/accessory buildings and alterations $175.70
Residential new building (excluding multi storey)  $264.00
Commerical (C1 & C2 category & multi storey apartments & C3 with value below $500,000) $352.00
Commercial (C3 with value of work over $500,000) $704.00

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