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Dunedin City Council – Kaunihera-a-rohe o Otepoti
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Cemeteries and Crematorium

This table contains Cemeteries and Crematorium fees and charges for the 2018/19 year.

Cemeteries - Allanton, Andersons Bay, Dunedin City, Green Park, Portobello, Broad Bay, Macandrew Bay, Northern, Southern, Green Island, Port Chalmers, West Taieri, East Taieri and Waikouaiti
Burial Rights (plot purchase) $2207.00
Burial Rights (plot purchase) – Children Under 10 Years (Green Park and East Taieri) $1110.00
Burial Rights (plot purchase) (Roman Catholic Sisters – Andersons Bay only) $1648.00
Burial Rights (plot purchase)(Green Park Natural Burial site only) $2207.00
Exhumation $2933.00
Exhumation – Children Under 10 Years (all cemeteries) $1970.00
Interments $1636.00
Interments – Children Under 10 Years (all cemeteries) $1076.00
Service (maintenance) Fee $892.00
Cemeteries - Hindon, Otokia, Waitati, Middlemarch and Purakanui
Burial Rights (plot purchase) $746.00
Exhumation $2914.00
Interments $1636.00
Service (maintenance) Fee $746.00
All Cemeteries
Monumental Permit $81.00
Attach a plaque $16.50
Book of Remembrance
Entry in Book of Remembrance (per time) $94.50
Crematorium Fee $943.00
Saturday and Public Holidays $1132.00
Children Under 10 years $167.00
Babies Under 48 Hours $31.00
Pathology and Mortuary Department Remains $592.00
Children Under 10 years Saturday and Public Holidays $226.50
Chapel Hire (per hour)
Weekdays $180.00
Saturdays and Public Holidays $261.00
Post-Cremation Services
Ash Beam Purchase $261.00
Ash Beam Purchase – Waikouaiti (includes Metal Flower Container) $342.00
Ash Disinterment Fee $197.50
Inter in Family Plot, Ash Beam, Family Ash Plot, Soldiers Plot or Child's Plot $167.00
Placement of Plaque in Court of Reflections (150 x 100 mm) $94.50
Purchase of Family Ash Plot $527.00
Scatter – Andersons Bay, Rose Garden $81.00
Service Fee for Ash Burials $226.50
Columbarium Wall
Placement of Ashes - Columbarium Wall $185.00
Price per Niche - Columbarium Wall $218.00
Book of Remembrance
Entry in Book of Remembrance (per time) $94.50

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