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Dunedin City Council – Kaunihera-a-rohe o Otepoti
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Environmental Health

This table contains the Enviromental Health fees and charges for the 2018/19 year.

Food Premises
Additional verification $166.00
Fee for cancelled verification $166.00
Food Control Plan Mentoring session $166.00
Opening Fee $166.00
Registration – new $104.00
Registration – renewal $64.00
Class 1 -Verification $333.00
Class 2 -Verification $541.00
Class 3 -Verification $790.00
Class 4 -Verification $872.50
Corrective Action Request sign off  $166.00
Out of District Verification
Verification fee $541.00
Travel Time (one off fee) $166.00
Mileage/km $0.77
Incidentals Actual costs for accommodation & meals
Food Stalls
Food Stall (for profit) $34.00
Food Street Stalls (permanent) per day $34.00
One-off Food Stall Inspections (if required) per event fee
11 or more food stalls: Fee for 1–10 food stalls plus $10.00
1–10 Food stalls: $166.00
Other Premises
Camping Grounds $209.00
Funeral Directors $209.00
Hairdressers’ Salons $209.00
Mobile Trading Permit $42.60
Offensive Trades $127.00
Monitoring, enforcement and additional visits $64.00
Beautician, Tattooists and Skin Piercing Bylaw Annual Licensing Fees
Secondary Business Activity (eg jewellers/beauty therapy services in conjunction with another activity) $80.00
Sole Business Activity (eg Beauty Therapist, Tattooist) $209.00
Noise Control
Excessive noise equipment seizure fine $263.00
Noise consultancy and survey work fee (per hour) $166.00
Seized equipment storage fee (per day) $31.00
Infringement Offences and Fees (set by Resource Management (Infringement Offences) Regulations 1999)
Contravention of an abatement notice for an unreasonable noise under section 322(1)(c) $750.00
Contravention of an excessive noise direction under section 327 $500.00
Infringement Offences and Fees (set by Food Regulations 2015)
Failing to ensure that a food business that is subject to a national programme is registered with the appropriate authority ss 79, 240(2) $450.00
Failing to register a food control plan or to ensure that a food control plan is registered with the appropriate authority ss48, 240 (2) $450.00

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