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Promotions of alcohol

Managing any promotion or activity carefully, including staff training, is of paramount importance to ensure it is not seen as intended or likely to encourage persons to consume excessive alcohol.

Irresponsible promotion of alcohol

The Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 describes the various ways alcohol is irresponsibly promoted.

  • Anything that encourages, or likely to encourage, people to drink excessive amounts of alcohol either in a licensed premises or any other place.
  • Promotes or advertises alcohol discounts of, or gives the impression of discounts, 25% or more below its ordinary price.
  • Promotes or advertises alcohol that is free of charge.
  • Offers any other goods or service on the condition alcohol is bought.
  • Promotes or advertises alcohol in a manner aimed at, or has special appeal to, minors.

We can help

Before carrying out any promotional activities, we strongly recommend you discuss the content of the promotions with your regulatory agencies or licensee association. This will ensure you do not undertake promotions that are in conflict with the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act.

Remember it is also an offence to allow someone to become intoxicated on your premises.

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