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Renewing your alcohol licence

All on, off and club licenses must be renewed after an initial twelve-month period and then every three years thereafter.

We will send out a renewal application form as a reminder that your licence is due for renewal. This will happen about one month before the licence is due to expire. If necessary someone will contact you if time is running out to remind you again but ultimately it is still your responsibility to ensure that your licence renewal application is lodged on time.

If the application is not received before the expiry date the licence will automatically expire. This would mean an application for a new licence (if you want to continue) and there would be no possibility to be able to sell, supply or allow the consumption of alcohol on your premises until the new licence is in place.

What is the process for a renewal?

A renewal application for an on, off or club licence will be publicly notified and a notice must be attached in a conspicuous place on or adjacent to the premises site.

You must also sign a statement that an approved fire evacuation scheme exists for the premises or that the premises is exempt from having to have an approved scheme.

The renewal application will be referred to the Police, Licensing Inspector and Medical Officer of Health. If there are any objections or matters raised in opposition by the Licensing Inspector, Police or Medical Officer of Health, the renewal application is referred to District Licensing Committee (DLC) for determination at a public hearing. Unopposed renewal applications will be considered by the DLC ‘on the papers’, that is, by considering the complete application.

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