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Thinking about walking, scooting, taking the bus or biking to school? We're here to support safe and sustainable travel to school, and help create healthy habits that last a lifetime.

Travel in a group

Get together with friends or neighbours to share the load. Ridesharing, walking, cycling, or scooting to school in a group makes it easier, safer and more fun for everybody. Here’s how children could travel to school:

Buddy programme

If your child is not happy to travel alone, organise for them to walk, scoot or cycle with other children. Ask your school if they could help set up a buddy programme.

Walking school bus

Children walk a planned route to and from school, led by at least one adult ‘driver’ who collects children at stops. Children learn how to safely negotiate the road as well as socialise with friends and improve fitness. Talk to your school about starting a walking school bus.

Find out about starting a walking schools bus here on NZTA website or contact your school.

Park and walk

Driving your child to and from school may add to congestion and chaos at the school gates. Park a little further away and walk or scoot the remaining distance. Ask your school about a walk-to-school map with safe-to-meet spots on it.

Contact your school to find out if they would be interested in developing a walk to school map.


If you pitch in for one day a week you could have mornings off chauffeur duties and reduce chaos at the school gate.

Resources for schools

Your school can help children learn about safer journeys and our transport system. Find out about integrating transport education into the New Zealand Curriculum, case studies and the Future Transport Competition here on NZTA website.

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