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Dunedin City Council – Kaunihera-a-rohe o Otepoti

Parking on footpaths

The page lists streets where you can park your car with two wheels on the footpath.

Dunedin has a lot of narrow streets where it is impractical to have parking on both sides of the road. It is important emergency vehicles can access these streets, but we recognise that residents and their visitors should be able to park near their homes.

In 2007, we assessed narrow road sections around Dunedin city. Following this assessment, we designated 22 sections of road where parking on the footpath is allowed.

Vehicles parked on the footpath can block pedestrians, often forcing them into the road to pass the vehicle. This is of particular concern for people with pushchairs or people with mobility or vision impairments.

If you are concerned about a vehicle illegally parked on the footpath, phone us on 03 477 4000.

Places you can park on the footpath

The list of streets below shows where you can park your car with two wheels on the footpath. The areas where this is allowed are indicated with signs and dotted white lines on the footpath.

Appold Street Cross Street and Carson Street
Brownville Crescent Highgate and the bend
Charlotte Street Highgate and City Road
Dacre Court Forfar Street to end
Dee Street Craigleith Street and Frame Street
Eglinton Road Haywood Street and 92 Eglinton Road
Erin Street Erin St 38-28 on south side
Frame St Frame St on south side
Gowry Place Falcon Street and end
Henderson Street Macnee Street and end
Henry Street Chamberlain Street and Stonelaw Terrace
Hereford Street Oates Street and Kaikorai Valley Road
Lancefield Street Oakwood Avenue and Sydney Street
Maitland Street No. 37 and No. 53
Quentin Avenue Queen St and End
Radnor Street Arnold Street and End
Shandon Street (PC) Cove Street and Fraser Street
Taine Street Craigleith Street and Montrose Street
Taine Street Frame Street and Craigleith Street
Titan Street Great King Street North and George Street
Ventnor Street Springhill Road and Elgin Road
Ravensbourne Road Nos 195 - 197
Nos 233 - 235
Nos 251 - 257
Nos 267- 275
Nos 279 - 281
Nos 287 - 289

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