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Some resource consent terms

Information on resource consent terms we use.

The Resource Management Act 1991

Usually called the 'RMA', this Act is the main piece of law for managing our environment. To read the full Act see the link in the related information section below.

The District Plan

The District Plan sets out the objectives, policies and rules that we use to manage land and buildings. The Plan uses maps to show the different areas (zones). Each zone has a set of rules. To read the full District Plan go to District Plan Online, which is linked below in the related information section.

Resource consent

If you want to do something that the District Plan doesn't allow 'as of right', then you will need a resource consent. It may be notified or non-notified.

Non-notified consents

If your application is non-notified, your handling officer will prepare a report assessing the effects of the activity and relating the proposal to the objectives, policies and rules of the District Plan.

In most cases, that report is considered by a member of Senior Planning Staff. Your handling officer will issue the decision in accordance with the recommendation.

You can appeal the whole or part of the decision to the Council under Section 357 of the Resource Management Act 1991.

A non-notified consent is processed within twenty working days, provided that the application is complete.

Notified consents

Notification happens when an affected person declines to give their approval for your proposal or if it might have significant adverse effects on the environment.

The application will be publicly advertised in the Otago Daily Times, signs will be erected on the site and a copy of your application will be sent to anyone we think might be directly affected. Anyone can lodge a submission either supporting or opposing the application.

There will be a hearing where you, the applicant, and the submitters have an opportunity to present their case. The final decision on whether or not to grant consent will usually be made by the Consent Hearings Committee.

The entire notification process, from lodgement of the application to receipt of Council's decision, takes approximately three months.

Other terms

The District Plan contains a section that provides definitions on a range of terms used in the plan. These can be read in the Section 3: Definitions pdf in the related information section.

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