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Littering and illegal dumping

The Dunedin City Council’s Litter Compliance Policy aims to keep Dunedin’s people and environment healthy by setting out how littering and illegal dumping will be tackled.

Responses range from education and warnings to infringement notices, fees and prosecutions. Which option we take will depend on the type or nature of the infringement, its impact on the environment and wider community, and its frequency. Infringement notice fees range from $100 to $400 depending on the offence – outlined in the table below.  An offence that’s fits more than one descriptor will have a higher infringement penalty apply. We may also recover clean up and remediation costs from the offender.

The Litter Act outlines several categories - litter, dangerous litter and offensive litter.

Litter covers a range of material from refuse, rubbish and animal remains, to rubble, garden waste and grass clippings. Dangerous litter takes in things likely to cause injury, disease or infection, ranging from glass to sharp metal and medical waste, while offensive litter includes rotting food, animal remains and discarded nappies.

illegal dumping at buccleugh street.

What should I do if I see someone littering or find illegally dumped rubbish?

Please report any incidents as soon as is possible, even if it is outside of usual DCC operating hours.

Take note of the date, time, location and nature of what has been dumped, along with information such as vehicle registration, the number of alleged offenders involved and their physical descriptions.

You can contact us with the information and your contact details by either email or phone

Contact us

From 1 July 2018 the following infringements may apply.

Littering offences and infringement fees


First Offence

Second or Subsequent Offence

Household rubbish deposited in public litter bins or public space recycling bins will be treated as litter.



A single item of litter, or less than 1 litre, left in a public space, or on private land without the occupier’s consent



Litter, of more than 1 litre and less than or equal to 40 litres*



Litter, or more than 40 litres and less than 240 litres**



Litter, of more than 240 litres, left in a public space, or on private land without the occupier’s consent***



Dangerous litter or offensive litter left in a public place, or on private land, without the occupier’s consent



* Single item or small scale litter offence i.e. less than the volume of blue glass recycling bin

** Medium scale litter offence i.e. less than the volume of a yellow-lidded kerbside mixed recycling bin

*** Large scale litter offence, in these cases the Litter Control Officer will make a judgement as to whether to apply a fine or pursue a prosecution through the courts.

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