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Dunedin City Council – Kaunihera-a-rohe o Otepoti
Recycling facility in CBD.

Recycling at events

Find out information on recycling at events.

LoveNZ Event Recycling Bins, Lids and Flags:

  • The DCC has a stock of LoveNZ event resources that are able to be hired free of charge to event organisers.
  • There is no charge for the use of these resources, but a charge will apply if resources are returned damaged, require cleaning or need to be replaced.
  • The DCC does not provide drop off or collection services for event bins
  • When using the LoveNZ event resources there is a reporting requirement.

Recycling station at events

Flag: ideal for signposting recycling areas. The base needs to be filled with water. There are five parts to the flag which require assembly. All except for the base come in a carry bag.

LOVENZ Hi-vis Vests: for recycling volunteers to wear.

Glass Collection: bottles and jars. Lids on OK.

Mixed Recycling: rigid plastic containers, aluminium cans, steel tins.

Why paper and cardboard are not collected in mixed recycling bins in public places

Paper and cardboard is often food contaminated and cannot be washed before disposing of it in public recycling bins. Alternative arrangements for paper and cardboard collection can be made with your service contractor.

Planning for event recycling – some things to think about

  • Are there any permanent LoveNZ recycling bins in the location of your event?
  • If your event is being held at a venue, can the venue operators provide the necessary recycling facility?
  • What packaging products will be in the waste (check with vendors) e.g. glass/no glass, disposable coffee cups, paper. You may need to plan for alternative collection bins or alternative packaging products.
  • Where will you put the recycling station e.g. at entrance and exit points, or areas where people will consume food and drink?
  • Will you be using contracted services for the pickup and delivery of waste and recycling bins or will you service your own waste and recycling bins? This includes;
    oTaking waste to a transfer station
    oTaking recyclables to a resource recovery centre.
    oRecording the total amount of waste and recycling and reporting to DCC.
  • How will you communicate your recycling system to attendees? Announcements, a site plan with a map of recycling stations, volunteer recycling crew, posters etc?
  • A Terms and Conditions document will be required to be read and signed before event kit collateral is released for free hire. This document sets out the responsibility of the hirer and conditions of use.

Handy Hints

  • Always consider reducing waste first. If you can reduce the amount of waste your event creates you will save money.
  • Begin you event waste management plan early. That way you can better tailor your recycling system and communications to maximise recycling results.
  • Keep you event waste management plan on file to refer to, and improve on, in successive years event planning.

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