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Dunedin City Council – Kaunihera-a-rohe o Otepoti
Recycling facility in CBD.

CBD waste collection services

Find out information on refuse and recycling collection services in Dunedin’s central activity areas.

DCC rubbish bag collection service

Businesses and residents within central activity areas are able to access the DCC authorised rubbish bags nightly rubbish collection service. DCC rubbish bags should be put out after 5pm and before 6pm.

Small business cardboard collection services in Dunedin

The Dunedin City Council currently runs a cardboard collection service twice a week in the CBD and South Dunedin shopping precinct. This improved collection service keeps cardboard off the busiest sections of George, Princes and lower Stuart Streets, around the Octagon and on King Edward Street in South Dunedin, and introducing shared services.

Property owners, businesses and the DCC worked together to identify off-street locations suitable for cardboard bin collection points. Twenty six  ‘back of house’ collection sites have been identified for businesses which have signed up to the service. Twenty five of these are in the CBD and one in South Dunedin.

For other businesses that are not located close to a ‘back of house’ collection site, there will be twenty five designated locations where appropriately bundled cardboard will be collected (twenty in the CBD and five in South Dunedin). These designated locations have been deemed safe for cardboard collection to take place. Cardboard will not be collected from non-designated areas. Collections take place on Monday and Thursday evenings and a bronze marker at the kerb will show the location of the collection points. Please do not put your cardboard out before 4pm on the collection days.

We would like to thank landlords and business owners who have been so supportive of this initiative. If you would like to host a 'back of house' site or participate in a ‘back-of-house’ service close to you, contact us on 03 477 4000.

  • Frequently asked questions

    What determined the designated kerbside collection areas?

    • A prominent feature (lamp post or recycling bin) that is located in a safe collection area.
    • Close to known users of the cardboard collection service, where possible.
    • These locations are indicated by a bronze cardboard collection marker on the kerb.

    Why will you not pick up outside my premises?

    Dunedin's busy CBD streets and pedestrian areas have raised safety concerns for the contractor staff and the general public. The health and safety of the collection staff and the general public is our priority.

    What has been deemed a safe collection area?

    • Where the contractor can stop safely and not hinder traffic or pedestrians i.e. not on:
      • busy intersections
      • bus stops
      • pavement build outs
      • cycleways.
    • There needs to be good visibility for contractors and other street users as the collection is carried out in the evenings.

    How do I package the cardboard?

    Whether you are using a designated area or a 'back of house' bin, all cardboard is to be flattened.  If using a designated area please remember to tie or tape cardboard, which must be no larger than 1m in any direction.

    We ask you to do this because:

    • it prevents loose cardboard being blown about, which is not only messy but can be a health and safety risk
    • it is more manageable to be pick up and transported
    • it is less likely to get in the way of pedestrians
    • it is tidier, which keeps Dunedin looking beautiful.

    What is a back of house collection site?

    Property owners, businesses and the DCC have been working together to identify off-street locations suitable for cardboard bin collection points.

    This is a collaborative partnership between business customers and the DCC which will enable our collection contractor to access private property to perform the bin collection service.

    An agreement is signed by all participants i.e. host, participating business and the DCC.

    Which service can I use?

    We have been working closely with businesses and building owners to establish shared 'back of house' collection sites. This has enabled host businesses and others nearby to use a cardboard recycling bin. If you are a business owner or manager and have not signed a bin use document then you may not be part of a ‘back of house’ service.

    Your business can participate in the kerbside collection service by placing cardboard at a designated area instead – these are indicated by bronze kerbside markers.

    When will the cardboard be collected?

    All cardboard in ‘back-of-house’ bins and designated areas will be collected on Monday and Thursday evenings. Cardboard must be out for collection between 4pm and 5.30pm on those days.

    Please make sure these requirements are met otherwise the cardboard will not be collected.

    Are there other options for cardboard collection services?

    This cardboard collection service is for small businesses which have a small amount of cardboard. For various reasons the DCC cardboard collection service may not be the right option for you or your business. The days or frequency of collection may not suit your needs, or you may have too much cardboard to put out at the designated kerbside locations. If this is the case, a commercial cardboard collection service can provide greater flexibility.

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