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Dunedin City Council – Kaunihera-a-rohe o Otepoti
Recycling facility in CBD.

Rubbish and recycling collection

Dunedin's rubbish collection is a user pays system. This is fairer for everyone as you only pay for what you throw out.

The DCC rubbish bag price includes collection, disposal and ETS contributions. This is combined with a kerbside recycling collection.

What to do to get your rubbish and recycling collected

  • Check your day of collection using the collection day search by address.
  • Purchase and utilise DCC authorised rubbish bags from the DCC Service Centres and other outlets.
  • Put your recycling in your blue bin for glass or your wheelie bin for paper, rigid plastics packaging, cardboard, paper, aluminium and steel tins and cans.
  • Place either the blue bin or the yellow lidded bin at the kerbside by 7am on collection day and not before 7pm the night before. Which bin will depend on the collection fortnight.
  • Put it out on the footpath close to the kerb edge. Keep the footpath clear for pedestrians.
  • Collection begins at 7am and can continue until 7pm on your collection day.
  • If your rubbish/recycling is not collected, please contact us.

Uncollected rubbish or recycling

If your rubbish/recycling hasn't been collected by 7pm, it may have been:

  • Put out after 7am and missed the collection truck
  • Obscured by a parked car
  • In the wrong sort of container. It must be in a DCC rubbish bag, your blue bin or the yellow lidded wheelie bin
  • Too heavy or unwieldy. DCC rubbish bags must not be more than 15kg.
  • Contains non-recyclable items.

If you put the wrong bin out then you will need to put this back out on the correct week.  Please check the online calendar by entering your street address. Refer to the correct calendar i.e. week one or week two, or download the relevant calendar or contact our Customer Services Agency to obtain a current year calendar copy.

Yellow lidded wheelie bins put at the kerbside for collection will be randomly inspected to ensure that the contents do not contain non-recyclables. Feedback tags maybe attached to the bin providing further information.  Examples of the tags can be found in the recycling inspections page.

The collection contractors are required to clean up as they go so if your bags or bins were knocked over or split, the contractor should clean up. To report any mess left behind after collection please contact us.

Rubbish and recycling collection holidays

We do not collect on:

  • Easter Friday - collection occurs the next day, on the Saturday of Easter
  • Christmas Day (if it falls on a week day) - collection occurs on the following Saturday
  • New Year's Day (if it falls on a week day) - collection occurs on the following Saturday

Bad weather can affect collection

Snow, flooding and frost may delay collections. Your rubbish/recycling will be collected as soon as the contractor is able to reach the area. In some cases, collection may be postponed to the following Saturday.

Assisted Collection Service

This is a collection direct from your door. This is for those who have a disability/medical condition that results in difficulty in getting the rubbish and recycling to the kerbside. A medical certificate will be required at time of application. Please contact DCC 03 477 4000 for further information and an application form.

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