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Dunedin City Council – Kaunihera-a-rohe o Otepoti
Recycling facility in CBD.

Yellow-lidded wheelie bins

Find out information on what recycling items go in to your yellow lidded wheelie bin.

Collection day calendars

Find out your rubbish/recycling collection days using these PDF calendars.

What goes in the yellow-lidded wheelie bin?

Acceptable items for yellow lidded bin

Rigid Plastics

  • Soft drink and water bottles, salad domes, biscuit trays, detergent bottles, squeezy bottles, fruit punnets, fruit juice bottles, household cleaners and vitamin containers.
  • Milk bottles, sunscreen bottles, shampoo bottles, dishwashing powder containers, liquid soap containers
  • Dip containers, ice cream containers tubs, margarine containers, plastic plates, cups, large yoghurt containers and cutlery.

Paper and cardboard recycling

  • Newspaper, letters, envelopes, magazines, receipts, egg trays, telephone books, wrapping paper, advertising material, toilet roll inners, flattened boxes and cartons.

Cans and Tins

  • Aluminium tins and cans, steel tins and cans, aluminium trays and foil, aerosol cans, metal pie trays, foil.

Further information on the plastic recyclables can be found in in the related information area. Please contact us if you would like an underlid sticker for your yellow lidded bin providing recycling information.

What the bins cannot take

Not-acceptable items for yellow lidded bin

  • Garden waste
  • Plastic bags and soft plastics (visit the Soft Plastic Recycling website in the related information section.)
  • Textiles, clothing, shoes
  • All milk and juice cartons, waxy paper and cardboard, soiled paper (e.g. with food), juice/tomato sauce/stock boxes and cartons (co-mingled, made with foil, cardboard and plastic)
  • Medical Waste – needles and syringes (please contact your nearest pharmacy for free, safe disposal), unwanted/expired medication (please contact your nearest pharmacy for free, safe disposal), medical tubing, colostomy bags, sanitary waste including used nappies.
  • Hazardous items - This includes garden chemicals, herbicides, pesticides etc. For all other items of hazardous waste, please seek advice from the  Landfill Engineer at DCC on 03 477 4000.
  • Expanded Polystyrene: Please contact Waste Management in Devon Street for options.

Yellow wheelie bins at the kerbside will be randomly inspected to make sure the contents are clean and correct.

Please consider those using the footpath when putting your bag and bins for collection - put your recycling bin close to the kerb wherever possible, leave 50cm between bins so contractors can retrieve the bin easily, and place rubbish bag beside recycling bins.

Replacement yellow-lidded bins

The bins are available in two different sizes, 240 Litre and 80 Litre.

If your bin is lost, or broken, or you wish to change the size of bin contact the property owner to replace it or contact DCC to arrange delivery of a replacement. There is a delivery charge of $30.

Where does this recycling go?

All the recycling collected in the yellow lidded wheelie bin is taken to OJI Fibre Solutions in Green Island. Here it is sorted into the different material types and baled ready for distribution. Depending on the material that could be here in New Zealand or offshore.

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