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Free Resource Waste Exchange

It offers businesses, groups and other organisations an alternative to sending unwanted material to the landfill.

Benefits for users of the waste exchange

  • Businesses: You won’t have to pay disposal costs and you will be providing a meaningful contribution to a community project. It also supports environmental management systems by taking action on waste minimisation past the point of recycling.
  • Community Groups and Schools: You can access bulk materials free of charge, as long as you can collect the material from site.

The Free Resources Waste Exchange provides companies the free advertising opportunity to divert surplus, waste or by product materials from ending up in the landfill. The facilitated website provides a link between the material supplier and the resource enquirer enabling material collection by the individual, school, community group or perhaps another business.

The website has, where possible, photos of materials available which gives the potential end user a chance to visualize how they can use the product available. Items are offered free of charge (unless otherwise stated) with only the cost of collection.

For more information visit the Free Resources website (link to external website, new window), to view current listings or to list surplus items for diverting from landfill, all for free.

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