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Where possible, terms have been used as defined by the Waste Minimisation Act 2008 or by other regulatory and guidance documentation.

CLEANFILL - materials such as clay, soil and rock, and such other materials as concrete, brick or demolition products that are free of combustible or organic materials and are therefore not subject to biological or chemical breakdown.

COMMERCIAL WASTE - all waste resulting from the operation of any business, manufacture, process, trade, market or other similar undertaking.

COMMUNITY DROP-OFF POINT - an area provided by the DCC for the purpose of depositing approved diverted material for collection by the DCC’s Kerbside Collection service.

DIVERTED MATERIAL - anything that is no longer required for its original purpose and, but for commercial or other waste minimisation activities, would be disposed of or discarded.

HAZARDOUS WASTE - materials that are flammable, explosive, oxidising corrosive, toxic, eco-toxic, radioactive, infectious, mutagenic, carcinogenic, and teratogenic. Examples include solvents and industrial cleaning fluids, medical waste, agricultural chemicals and many industrial wastes.

ILLEGAL DUMPING - litter as defined in the Litter Act 1979 and waste and diverted materials that are disposed at a public place or onto private property without the landowners consent.

KERBSIDE COLLECTION - a service which may be provided by the DCC or other collection service contractors or agencies where approved collection containers of waste and diverted materials are left at the edge of the road or kerbing adjacent to the road for collection and/or emptying.

LANDFILL - an area used for the controlled disposal of waste onto or into land.

LICENCE - a licence, permit, written consent or approval issued as per the requirements of any Act of Parliament, DCC bylaw or policy.

LITTER - any waste, diverted materials, refuse, rubbish, residual waste, dog faeces, disposable nappies, food packaging, glass, metal, plastic dirt, rubble, stones, earth or any other material of a like nature.

NUISANCE has the meaning given in section 29 of the Health Act 1956 and includes anything obnoxious, offensive or injurious to the community or any member of it.

ORGANIC WASTE - waste and/or diverted material containing carbon compounds derived from animal and plant materials and includes vegetation, green waste, food scraps and food process waste.

PRODUCT STEWARDSHIP - encouraging (and, in certain circumstances, require) the people and organisations involved in the life of a product to share responsibility for:

  • ensuring there is effective reduction, re-use, recycling, or recovery of the product; and
  • managing any environmental harm arising from the product when it becomes waste.


  • Extraction of materials or energy from Waste or Diverted Materials for further use or processing; and
  • Includes making waste or diverted material into compost.

RECYCLING - the reprocessing of waste or diverted material to produce new materials.


  • Reducing waste generation, including by using products more efficiently or by redesigning products; and
  • b
  • In relation to a product, reducing waste generation in relation to the product.

RE-USE means the further use of waste or diverted material in its existing form for the original purpose of the materials or products that constitute the waste or diverted material, or for a similar purpose.


WASTE - anything disposed of or discarded; and includes a type of waste that is defined by its composition or source (eg organic waste, electronic waste, or construction and demolition waste. To avoid doubt, includes any component or element of diverted material, if the component or element is disposed of or discarded.

WASTE AND DIVERTED MATERIAL FACILITY - any land and associated improvements used for the handling, storage, processing and/or disposal of waste, diverted material or both, and includes, but is not limited to transfer stations, resource recovery parks, landfills, recycling centres, waste and/or diverted material drop-off points, green waste sites, composting sites and cleanfill sites.

WASTE MINIMISATION - the reduction of waste and the re-use, recycling and recovery of waste and diverted material.

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