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Dunedin City Council – Kaunihera-a-rohe o Otepoti

While the Plan will ultimately be underpinned by the DCC’s Environment Strategy, it relates to all DCC strategies and plans.

Spatial Plan and the Dunedin City District Plan: as it relates to the collection, storage and transportation of waste and diverted material and land use.

Social Wellbeing Strategy – Stronger Communities: providing support for community waste minimisation initiatives and the retention and repurposing of material resources within communities. The delivery of waste minimisation education programmes, workshops and availability of waste levy grants.

Transport Strategy: as it relates to the health and safety of kerbside collection service contractors.

Parks and Recreation Strategy: improving access to permanent and event amenities that reduce litter and illegal dumping and provide greater opportunity to divert material from landfill.

Economic Development Strategy: in building the local capability of our resource recovery sector to achieve greater material diversion and in support of businesses adopting cleaner production and/or resource efficiency programmes.

The Energy Plan is being developed as an action under the Economic Development Strategy. There are links between energy and waste eg the gas collection system at DCC’s Green Island Landfill which both generates energy and reduces emissions to air.

Environment Strategy: waste will be considered as part of the Environment Strategy which is to be developed in 2014.

3 Waters Strategy: in the management and minimisation of wastewater treatment by-products.

Long Term Plan and Financial Strategy: demonstrating good corporate citizenship in practising waste minimisation, ensuring material resources are used efficiently, re-used and recycled. To develop and support procurement practices to encourage suppliers and contractors to do the same.

This list is not exhaustive.

Taking an holistic approach to Dunedin’s waste management and minimisation by building working relationships internally, and with other councils, private operators, businesses and the community is pivotal to the successful implementation of the Plan.

DCC Strategic Framework

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