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Dunedin City Council – Kaunihera-a-rohe o Otepoti
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Sustainability education

Find out ways to make your home healthier or how you can live a more eco-friendly lifestyle even if you have already made a start. Learn how you can save money and the world at the same time.

The DCC supporters and offers educational opportunities at certain times of the year on a number of different subjects which can include;

  • Composting Made Easy workshops.

These workshops include; hot and cold composting, worm farms and bokashi bin systems teaching. They are designed to offer on the day practical experience as well as an informal style of classroom teaching by an expert in the field facilitator.

  • Waste Free Living workshops. Are run a couple of times a year and cover a range of subjects including; Waste Free Living at home, Waste Free Parenting and the Foodlovers Masterclass which provides practical tips to reducing food waste in the home.
  • Future Living – Sustainable Living Trust link.The Sustainable Living Trust website provides free access to resources and information for those who are interested in making changes to more sustainable practices. 2019 will see the commencement of Future Living workshops in Dunedin.
  • LFHW campaign. Education by way of website information, interest group talks, and workshops.
  • Group presentations.Talks to interest groups on a range of subjects including; kerbside recycling, waste minimisation and other waste related topics.
  • Tours of the Green Island landfill by arrangement.

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