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Dunedin City Council – Kaunihera-a-rohe o Otepoti

This page contains brief information about Dunedin City Council Committees.

There are 3 types of Committees:

  • Standing Committees. Established by Council to make recommendations that give effect to the Council's long term plan.
  • Subcommittees and Special Committees. Set up by a standing committee for a specific purpose.
  • Working Parties. Set up by a standing committee to investigate and advise on a specific project.


The Council is responsible for the governance of, and setting the strategic direction for the city, and ensuring the Council work towards meeting the community outcomes that it has set for itself through the Long Term Council Community Plan (LTCCP).

Infrastructure Services and Networks

The Infrastructure Services and Networks Committee provides for the effective maintenance and operation of Council's infrastructure and networks by making decisions on strategy, policy and service delivery in respect to: Transportation assets; Three Waters asset management and service delivery;Solid waste management; Property; Cemeteries and Council-owned crematorium.

Community and Culture

The Community and Culture Committee provides for a vibrant and healthy City by delivering on Ara Toi, the arts and culture strategy and monitoring the award of the City's grant fund by the Grants Subcommittee.It is responsible for: Community development and quality-of-life in terms of Council's agreed Social Well-Being Strategy goals; Community Resilience and Sustainability;Grants; Activities within Libraries; Elderly persons; Activities of the Youth Action Council and Youth Council; Festivals and Events.

Planning and Environment

The Planning and Environment Committee provides for the delivery of Council's Strategic Framework, particularly in respect of the Environment Strategy, Spatial Plan for Dunedin, and the Parks and Recreation Strategy. It is responsible for: City Planning/Development; Building Control; Environmental Health; Energy and Broadband infrastructure planning; Citipark; Public accommodation; Coastal and maritime planning matters and proposals for the development of Otago Harbour; Heritage; Architecture and Urban Design; Energy Plan; Spatial Plan for Dunedin; Te Ao Türoa: The Natural World Dunedin Environment Strategy; Existing and proposed bylaws.

Finance and Council Controlled Organisations

The Finance and Council Controlled Organisations Committee ensures value for money for the Dunedin City ratepayers by implementing the Council's Financial Strategy and Revenue and Financing Policy, as well as monitoring, reviewing and reporting on revenue and expenditure of the Dunedin City Council, implementing advice of external auditors, and engaging with Council Controlled Organisations and Council Controlled Trading Organisations to implement Council's strategic framework. It is responsible for: Investment Policy; Liability Management Policy; Revenue and Financing Policy; Loan guarantees; Rating systems and policies.

Economic Development

The Economic Development Committee facilitates the development of the Dunedin economy and delivers on the Dunedin Economic Development Strategy, with a particular focus on the following sectors: Business; Education; Tourism; Economic development, including information technology; Local and regional employment issues; Marketing of the City; Sister City matters.

Hearings Committee

To hear matters of a quasi-judicial nature.

Toitū Otago Settlers Museum Board

To determine the policy and strategies for, and oversee the management of, the Otago Settlers Museum and its future growth and development.

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