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Dunedin City Council – Kaunihera-a-rohe o Otepoti
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Postponing rates payment for extreme financial hardship

Information on postponing rates payment for extreme financial hardship.

There is no specific policy for postponement of rates on Maori freehold land. Other postponement criteria may apply.

Conditions and criteria

If you meet these criteria, we may be able to postpone payment of your rates.

  • Your rating unit must be used solely for residential purposes (as defined by the Council)
  • You may only apply if you are the ratepayer for that rating unit or the ratepayer's authorised agent.
  • You must not own or have an interest in any other rating units or investment properties whether in the Dunedin or any other district.

What else do we consider?

We will take into account all of your personal circumstances. This may include factors such as Age, Physical or mental disability, Injury, Illness and Family circumstances.

We must be satisfied that you are unlikely to have sufficient funds left after paying your rates for normal health care, proper provision for maintenance of your home and chattels at an adequate standard as well as making provision for normal day to day living expenses.

Amount of postponement

If we decide to postpone rates, you may have to make acceptable arrangements for payment of future rates, for example by setting up a system for regular payments.

Any postponed rates will be postponed until:

  • Your death
  • You cease to be the owner or occupier of the rating unit
  • You cease to use the property as your residence
  • A date specified by us

We may charge an annual fee on postponed rates for the period that the rates are postponed. This fee is designed to cover our administrative and financial costs and may vary from year to year.

The postponed rates or any part thereof may be paid at any time. You may choose to postpone the payment of a lesser sum than that which you would be entitled to have postponed under this policy.

Postponed rates will be registered as a statutory land charge on the rating unit title. This means we will have first call on the proceeds from the sale or lease of the rating unit.

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