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Dunedin City Council – Kaunihera-a-rohe o Otepoti

This page lists construction parking zone terms and conditions


When development occurs within the City, the facilities that can be made available to construction companies require definition.

Before each facility is approved, Council considers safety, lost revenue, the cost of installing and removing signs and markings and the possible damage to the road and street furniture.


  1. Applications must be received at least 30 days before the park is required.
  2. Construction Parks are only available for motor vehicles directly related to work on a construction site.
  3. Complaints relating to unauthorized parking should be directed to Council’s Customer Service Agency, 03 477 4000. Applicants are not authorised to arrange for vehicles to be towed away.
  4. Placement of skips and containers, or storage of building materials, is only permitted provided written approval by Dunedin City Council and must meet the guidelines in Section 1.2.
  5. Construction Parks will not be placed in the following locations:
    1. "No Stopping" areas; or within 6.0 metres of an intersection or any areas where parking or obstruction may cause safety concerns.
    2. Where a Construction Park would cause 'serious disadvantage' to frontage occupiers.
    3. In any area where traffic safety may be compromised.
    4. Where pedestrian access and/or safety is affected or 'seriously inhibited'.
    5. On any approach, or within a minimum of 25 metres of a signalised intersection.
  6. The construction park will be defined by the placement of signs and markings. The signs shall consist of a regulatory parking style sign with the words “Authorised Vehicles Only In This Area At All Times” and a supplementary “CONSTRUCTION ZONE” sign. A yellow painted parking box will designate the extent of the area. The restriction applies 8am - 6pm, Monday to Saturday.
  7. The construction area will not be installed until the fee for the installation, maintenance, removal and reinstatement of any parking meters, street furniture, signs and road markings has been met by the applicant. Payment may be made upon notification that the application has been approved.
  8. The cost of repairs for damage to the road surface or street furniture shall be met by the applicant.
  9. Construction Park fees are reviewed annually and are set out in the Councils ‘Fees and Charges’ schedule
  10. Invoices for Construction Parks shall be settled on a monthly basis.
  11. The dates required for the construction park application are indicative and time extensions are permitted.
  12. The monthly hire fee will continue until you provide a confirmed end date. You must advise of this date in the preceding month to allow time to reinstate the area to its original configuration.

Conditions for placement of Skips and Containers

You need to position your shipping container safely:

  1. Place it so that it’s not hazardous or a nuisance to any road or footpath user. (Otherwise you’ll need to remove it at your own cost).
  2. Place it so the visibility of signage and markings delineating the Construction Zone isn’t impeded.
  3. Place it away from manhole covers and access points to underground services or fire hydrants.
  4. Place it wholly on the road (not partially on kerb edge or footpath), using blocks if needed for levelling.
  5. Leave at least 1 m between it and driveway access points so that vehicles can easily go in and out.
  6. A container or skip located anywhere on a road reserve must have:
    1. white and reflective markers (100 mm x 100 mm minimum) facing oncoming traffic;
    2. company’s contact details (24-hour contact number)
  7. Council must be advised of any changes to the location of a skip or container within the Construction Zone.

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