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Dunedin City Council – Kaunihera-a-rohe o Otepoti
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10 year plan 2018-28

The 10 year plan 2018-28 helps shape our city for the future. The plan outlines the services and activities the DCC will provide, the projects we will carry out and the level of service the community can expect.

The plan also includes how much we expect things to cost, how we’ll pay for them and what it all means for rates and debt.

A 10 year plan looks a decade ahead, but is reviewed and consulted on every three years. An annual plan is prepared for the years in between.

Section 1 - Introduction | He kupu whakataki

Section 2 - Strategic overview | He tirohaka whānui

Section 3 - Services and activities | He ratoka, he mahi

Section 4 - Finances | Tahua

Section 5 - Policies | Kaupapa here

Section 6 - Appendices | Āpititaka

Summary highlights

Fees and charges 2018-19

This page provides information on Fees and charges 2018-19.

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