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Dunedin City Council – Kaunihera-a-rohe o Otepoti
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Dog Control survey – August 2014

The Dog Control Bylaw (2004) explains where dogs can go, on or off aleash, where dog parks are located and how many dogs people can keep at oneplace.  Its purpose is to allow residentsto have dogs without affecting others. Feedback from this survey is helping the DCC decide whether the currentBylaw needs to be amended.

Key findings

  • Almost all respondents agree there should be controls on where dogs are allowed on public property in Dunedin.
  • The most popular methods of control for the following public places were:
    • Verbal control for beaches and rural streets
    • On a leash for residential streets, business and industrial areas, DCC reserves and public walking tracks and cemeteries
    • Prohibited in the CBD and urban centres, playgrounds and in marked areas of sports grounds
  • Most respondents agree there should be a limit on the number of dogs that can be kept at a single property, but there is not agreement over what that number should be.
  • Views are split between those thinking that dog owners alone should pay for dog exercise areas, and those who think that ratepayers and dog owners should share the cost.

Note:  Two thirds of respondents to this survey(66%) are dog owners and one third (34%) do not own dogs.

The People’s Panel findings have helped inform the Council’s review ofDunedin’s Dog Control Bylaw. Feedback is being considered as Council drafts anew Dog Control Bylaw for formal public consultation.

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